Why You Need to Start Reviewing You Social Media Analytics Today

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Why You Need to Start Reviewing You Social Media Analytics Today


Social media analytics provide an in depth view into your content creation strategy.  You can spend hours upon hours creating graphics, video, writing copy, adding captions, all sorts of fun stuff, right?. Although, when you pay close attention to what is resonating with your audience, the numbers will tell you which content to create and where to spend your time! Sounds easy, right? Let’s dig into the what, why and when of social media analytics.


Let me ask you this. If you knew that three out of 5 pieces of content you post each week provided 90% of your results, what would you do? You would stop creating the other two pieces of content and go “all in” on the rest, right? Exactly! Analyzing your results helps to guide your content creation and allows you to understand your audience better. Alternatively, frequently publishing content to social media platforms that results in low engagement turns into a downward spiral and once that happens, it’s hard to recover from. This is why it’s so important to review your analytics and really understand what is resonating with your audience. So the question becomes, what metrics should you measure.


In large part, measuring engagement: likes/reactions, comments, share and saves, depending on the platform, gives you an accurate depiction of how well your content is being received by your audience . Engagement refers to activity where someone took an action on your post either by clicking a reaction, sharing, saving your content or commenting on your post. Measuring engagement is the best marker of performance because it reflects active consumption of the content. Passive consumption is also important to view and becomes even more vital when reviewing analytics for a paid ad campaign. When it comes to organic social media, which is what I do (all non-paid Facebook & Instagram strategy and management) if you keep track of engagement metrics, that data will give you a good indication of what content to continue providing to your audience. So I’m not saying you should stare at your analytics daily, monthly or quarterly is ideal.


With my clients, I complete a monthly analytics review, compiling results from two different 3rd party software programs, Sprout Social and Agorapulse as well as the insights from the native platform itself. If you’re managing your own social media campaigns, I would suggest to pull data from one outside source other than the native platform. They make the data easy to consume and provide a quick overview of the data in a professional format that is easy to understand.


When you know what to look for and which metrics to measure, you will look differently at your content – in a good way! You will know what types of social media activity to continue and what to discontinue which will free up time for you to brainstorm new ideas, focus on engaging with those who are engaging with you and will ensure your results continue trending upward. Understanding your social media analytics will help guide you in the right direction to achieve month over month improvements in your results. 

If you’re wondering how you can get more engagement on your Facebook or Instagram business account, schedule an appointment here and let’s chat! 

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