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If you have a business, you need a CRM


Have you ever wished you could have all of your important client documents in one place?

Do you find yourself going from one software program to another to onboard a new client? 

That was me this time last year – I was spinning my wheels, going nowhere fast! 

That is until i hired business efficiency coach, Ask Yvi who introduced me to Dubsado!

Now there are about a million different CRM’s out there in the world, so I’m probably sure you’re wondering why Yvi chose Dubsado. I sure was! Well, I will tell you from first hand experience why Dubsado is such an amazing CRM. But for you to fully grasp the robust nature of this program, you must understand what my process was before I started using Dubsado.

First of all, I can’t recall a time that I wouldn’t be a little anxious to onboard a new client. The excitement was overwhelming, yes, but then the apprehension swiftly kicked in when I realized how much time I would need to spend to bring on this new client into all of my systems. Here’s what I mean…

The very first step was creating a new client agreement from a template I already had been using in Google Drive and then uploading that new document into Docusign. I really thought I was “up with the times” in doing this because I was offering electronic signatures for my agreements! Boy, was that just the tip of the iceberg. Ha! Once the agreement was uploaded into Docusign, then I would wait for the client to electronically sign it and return it to me. This sometimes took a few hours, or days, and effort and time to follow through with., of course.

THEN, I would send an invoice through Square, which I love by the way, and integrates with Dubsado. YES!

FINALLY, I set an initial intake call with my new client and ask them every single question needed to onboard my new client. This process could take up to 5 days and A LOT of my time. I mean, literally, I would be hesitant to take on a new client because of this very inefficient onboarding process. How terrible is that?!

Luckily, when I met with Yvi, the first thing she said was, “You need Dubsado.” I asked her why and she said “Because it will save you A TON of time and you will no longer be scared to take on new clients. It will be so easy!” And I said “Sign me up!”

Now that I have Dubsado all set up, when I speak with a new client and they want to sign up for my social media services, all they have to do is go to this link and from there the entire process is automated.


Not completely manual and painstaking like my previous process that would days on end to work through. 

Now I send them one link, they fill out the intake form, then they go through a Dubsado workflow where they will choose their package, receive the invoice and complete their onboarding questionnaire PRIOR to meeting with me. And I don’t have to do a thing! It’s WONDERFUL!

This saves HOURS and DAYS of work and time on my end and what’s even better is that it’s so much easier for my client.

They are not getting multiple emails from different programs back to back. They are following one process and getting systematic and automated emails specific to what they are requesting. It’s such a dream! And I am not afraid to take on new clients any longer! What a relief!

Everything in Dubsado is systemized and takes time to set up, don’t get me wrong. However, now that I have uploaded my packages, templates and forms, it’s completely “plug and play.”

Every once in awhile I will forget how to do to something and need support. This is when you find out how good a company really.is – their live chat support is AWESOME!

They also give you two free 1-on-1 calls per month with an actual live, and friendly person to ask any specific questions you have about Dubsado

For me, I needed a little more hand holding which was nice to have Yvi on my side! If you would like to get to know Yvi and how she can help you make your business more efficient (BTW she knows A LOT more than Dubsado, too!) , you can schedule a call with her here

And if you’re ready to make your systems and onboarding process more efficient, make sure to check out Dubsado

P.S. You get 20% off your first month or year when you use my link 🙂 

If you have any questions about Dubsado or how you can use social media to gain visibility and build relationships with potential clients, I would love to help you! Please schedule a time to chat! 

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