“Amy has been working with our non-profit, Banding Together for about 6 months. She has done an excellent job o our social media, increasing engagement and recognizing efforts of our musicians, participants and their families and volunteers. She has helped us create a community around Banding Together.”
Linda Mayo Aubery
“Amy wants you to post with consistency and purpose and this is what drew me to her. It’s one thing to post everyday, just for the sake of posting, but aren’t we inundated with daily posts that are just quotes and images? I know I was, so when I was ready to get strategic with my Facebook game, I hired Amy.

I haven’t looked back, she has done a great job.

Here’s what she has done for me:
Created a daily focus
Created monthly themes (which makes content creation so much easier)
Optimized my Facebook Lives
Increased engagement on my page
Increased engagement on my Facebook Live show

Here’s what she hasn’t done:
Made me pay for a ton of Facebook Ads
Wasted my time
Made posts that didn’t’ represent my brand
Was late in posting critical content

What I love:
We have strategy sessions to review the upcoming month and what I want to focus or showcase
We review the analytics part so I can see the engagements numbers, etc.

She is fun to work with!

Amy invests in herself to stay on top of the game-- The Facebook Game that is, so she can serve you in this ever-changing Social Media world.”
Mary Fain Brandt