“Swipe Up” Feature on Instagram Even if you Have Less Than 10,000 Followers

CSM Swipe Up feature

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With more availability during these uncertain Coronavirus times, I’ve been able to knock off plenty of items on my own marketing to-do list for my business.

If you have time right now to work on your own marketing, I highly recommend it! 

I was so inspired by what I learned from the amazing sessions at Social Media Marketing World at the beginning of March that I finally stepped out of my marketing comfort zone (Instagram and Facebook) and created my own YouTube Channel!

I uploaded my first video last week! YEA! This was a huge jump for me! 

I learned so much during the process!

To the point where I feel comfortable guiding my clients to start their own channels as I continue uploading more videos on a more regular basis.

Hey, gotta take advantage of the time while we have it, right?!? 

Because I was aware of the swipe up rules on Instagram: Typically, you have to have 10,000 or more followers to be able to use the swipe up feature, so I was satisfied with just uploading a screenshot to my YouTube video into my Facebook and Instagram stories.

Imagine my excitement when one of my followers, Mitchell Dong from Social Media Examiner, informed me that I could get the swipe up feature to work even though I don’t have the requisite 10,000 followers AND it would send people to my YouTube Channel!

Wait, WHAT?!?

In case you didn’t know, finding ways to get your Instagram followers to other sites is no small feat! This is a HUGE social media win!

Now, I want to share how you can do this too! 

These steps will guide you through getting the swipe up feature from Instagram stories to an IGTV video.

The key is to include the link that you would like to direct your audience to in the description of the IGTV video.

For me, it is my YouTube video, but it can be any link you would like.

This is one of the best ways to get traffic to your YouTube Channel from Instagram! 

Using the Swipe Up feature on Instagram when you have <10,000 followers

1.Create a 1 minute (or longer) clip from your YouTube video (the version before you uploaded it to YouTube) and upload it just like you would a post on Instagram. This box will pop up. Choose Long Video.

2.Next, add the Title and Description. Make sure to add the link to the end of your description. Here you will have the option to post a preview of the video to your Instagram feed. That’s up to you. I chose not to for this one.

3.Press post. Now your IGTV video is uploaded. Onto creating the Instagram Story. 

4.Create a new Instagram Story. I would suggest using an engaging photo. I used a screenshot of my YouTube Video in the search list.

5.Then I added text over the photo for instructions to swipe up and click the title to watch the full video.

6.Now for the fun part! You will see that link icon that looks like this! YAY!!!! Press it!

7.Click + IGTV Video (and you’re ALMOST there!)  Then you just have to select the IGTV video that you want to link to…….And Ta Da!!!!! Send to Instagram Stories (FYI: You can send it to Facebook Stories but the swipe up link won’t work. I would suggest not sending this one to Facebook. All the other ones, I would!)

There you have it! “Swipe Up” Magic!

If you’re not sure which direction to go with your social media marketing strategy, I would be happy to help! Schedule a time with me here.

Wishing you and your family health, happiness and peace during this crazy time.

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