Social Media Success in 2020 Tip #6

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It is Tuesday! It is New Year’s Eve!  It is the last day of the year! The end of the year is always a great time to connect and refigure things in your business and your life. This is a great point to start over. That’s why I brought you these tips over the last six weeks. 

So here is the recap: 

My first tip was to choose one social media platform to focus on. The second tip was to optimize your business profile. The third tip was to create a consistent social media strategy. The fourth tip was to set aside time for engaging with others on social media, like replying to comments and commenting on others’ posts. The fifth tip was taking notes. Having a place in your phone where you can jot down notes and ideas for future content creation. If something comes to you that you want to share with your audience, keep track of it. Of course, you’ll want to share that in real-time if you can, in your Facebook or Instagram stories, if you can. You don’t want to forget your good ideas for future posts!

The tip for today, and it’s really just sharing my expertise with you because I know how to run Facebook in your favor. I know how Instagram works and to use it to your advantage. I want to offer my assistance. 

If you really want to get 2020 off successfully and strong with your social media strategy for your business, I would love to help you with any of these tips. If you have any questions or you really want to focus on one platform. If you really want to get a consistent strategy going for Facebook, for instance, I would love to help you map out that strategy and give you the outline to really not have to worry about what you are going to post. It’s really important to make sure you have a consistent strategy so that part of your business is done, and you can really focus on the rest of your business that you really want to focus on. 

I hope these tips really helped you! Happy New Year’s Eve! Be safe! And we’ll talk to you soon! 

If you want to set up a call to talk more about these tips, and how I can help you with your social media in 2020, let’s chat

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