Social Media Success In 2020 Tip #5

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It is Tuesday, and it is the second to last Tuesday of 2019! I can hardly believe it! What I want to share with you is the 5th tip out of 6 tips for Social Media Success in 2020. The tip I have for you today: Take notes. 

If you have a business, I’m sure you have a smartphone. In that case, you always have something in your hand that you can take notes on. This is one of my favorite tips. 

You’re out and about and you are going about your day, and you have this really great idea for a video or a topic of a post or a topic of a theme for the month, whatever it might be. I’m sure you think of things that come up throughout your day that are relevant for your business, and that’s what I want you to take away from today. The fifth tip is to take notes at events that you attend, meetings throughout the day and things that you encounter that you can relate to your audience because that will give you content to put on social media and will help you guide strategies and themes for future months. 

For example, I go to networking events about once a month. I try to go more often, but I don’t always have the time. So when I do, I always have some kind of really nice story that I take away from the event. I don’t want to keep that to myself! I want to share it with you! A few weeks ago, I shared a story about this girl at a networking breakfast, and that was really inspiring, and it was a really thoughtful presentation that I wanted to share. So I created a video about that. That’s just an example of using your experiences and events and things you are already doing that will help you connect with your audience and help you develop your content. It will really help you have an active social media presence that is really important for your business. Those ideas you generate are really important for your audience as a way to keep connected with you.

So put a little notes section on your phone. I have an iPhone so I have a notes section, and whenever I have an idea or something I want to talk about I just jot it down in there. When I want to map out my Facebook Live videos or when I think of content that I want to share in future months, and weeks, I put my ideas there. I actually recorded these videos a few weeks ago to then scheduled them out over these last six weeks of the year because I knew I was going to be super busy. I wanted to make sure I was available for my business, but at the same time connecting with you to give you value that is really vital for you. 

If you want to set up a call to talk more about these tips, let’s chat. I would love to chat with you further! 

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