Social Media Success In 2020 Tip #4

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It’s Tuesday, and it’s tip #4 out of 6 for Social Media Success in 2020. I have given you three tips in the last three weeks. The first one was choosing ONE social media platform. The second tip was optimizing that platform and the third tip was to develop a consistent content strategy. Today, tip #4 is setting aside time for engagement on your chosen social media platform. 

Okay, so you’ve chosen one social media platform, you’re optimizing your platform showing you are active and posting three times a week. You’re creating videos if you have decided to do that. That will keep your profile active to show you are in business, and you are able to connect with your audience and potential customers. 

My fourth tip is basically creating time. You have people commenting and messaging you with questions and feedback. It is so important for you to set aside time to engage with all of that. 

So if it is a half-hour every day when you sit down and reply to your comments, you reach out and look at other people’s content and comment, that’s a step in the right direction. Even if it is just half an hour a day, it’s going to do so much good. It’s going to show that you’re active, and you’re engaging and that you’re not just creating content for it just to sit there. You’re creating content to be social and to engage with the people coming to your page. It’s so important! 

So again, #4 tip: Set aside time each day to engage on your social media platform. If you need help with this or you don’t understand exactly what I’m talking about, let’s set up a time to chat!

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