How to Decide if You Should Start a Facebook Group for your Business

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Should you start a Facebook Group for your business? This is one of the most common questions and conversations I’ve been having lately with my clients and potential clients. I truly believe it is a question that deserves thought and reflections before creating the actual group. 


First, think of all of the Facebook groups of which you are a member. What makes you enjoy that group? Why makes you want to revisit that group over and over again? What makes you leave a group? Or not want to engage in the group? Asking yourself these questions is a great place to start. 


Since Zuckerberg’s F8 conference back in May – Facebook groups seems to be what everyone is talking about. Granted, Facebook is only one of two major social media platforms that uses groups – LinkedIn being the other. So let’s dig into the 3 major deciding factors if you’re thinking about starting a Facebook group…..


#1 Why do you want to start a Facebook group for your business? 


There are so many well intentioned reasons to start a Facebook group and from the start, it’s important to understand your reason. Some people feel like they need to because of the changes in the social media landscape. While that is an understandable reason, you don’t want to solely make a decision based on a platform change. Also, consider making the decision because you have a solid business reason. Consider that this group will provide community and support for your current and potential clients. Right now, you probably have a Facebook Business Page, which is the perfect place to start, where you need to start, to be able to start a Facebook Group. However, that conversation is a one way conversation with engagement happening in the comments that turns it into a two way conversation. With a Facebook Group, any member can create content, ask a question or ask for support of other members without your facilitation. Now that you might be leaning more towards starting a Facebook group, the next thing to consider is time…..


#2 Do you have the time to manage a Facebook Group?


Like I said before, starting a Facebook Group isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Just as your Facebook Business Page consumes your time to create content, engage, etc. a Facebook group will do the same. What is important to consider here is do you have the time to create content and engage in a Facebook group. While there are huge benefits to your business and to its members by having a group, you need to have the time to support it as well. And if you don’t make you have a team member that can help! 


#3 Do you have a team member that can help you? 


If you have an existing team member, you can easily add them as an admin to the group to help you add members, create content, reply to comments as the business page (this is of course after you’ve linked your Facebook Business Page and your group together). Having a team member help support the group as well makes you feel like you’re not having to monitor the group 24×7 and they can help keep the conversations going. Facebook Group strategy and management is a service that I offer. If you are considering starting a group, I would love to chat with you to help finalize the decision and find out if I can support you in any way!


BONUS: If you have a successful, rapidly growing group, Group Funnels is a great took to help you add multiple members at once while also capturing the answers to the 3 questions that you have the option of asking when a member is requesting to join your group. To learn more about Group Funnels, follow this link: https://www.groupfunnels.com/gf-membership-amyairom


Facebook Groups can be a great way to engage with your current and potential clients, build relationships with them and community around them to grow your business. If you have any questions or would like to further discuss if starting a Facebook Group is right for you, feel free to schedule a call, I would love to help and get to know you better! amyairom.as.me/connect


Catch the replay of my Facebook Live video on this topic here:




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