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Gina Williams

If you’re losing track of where your digital photos are saved and would like a fool-proof way to keep them organized, backed up and accessible? Check out this course by Alex Brzozowski.

The Digital Photo Organizing Course

The Digital Photo Organizing Course is a 4-week course with 4 modules and step-by-step video tutorials with support in a private Facebook Group to provide you a blueprint for completing what is typically a daunting organizing project.

Fierce Focus
Gina Williams

If you have a hard time staying focused because of a constant flow of new ideas, you’re not the only entrepreneur, you just need a little help from Dr. Minette Riordan.

Fierce Focus:
A Productivity Course for Creative Entrepreneurs

Fierce Focus is a 6-week virtual workshop where you will discover how to manage Bright Shiny Idea Syndrome, learn to overcome procrastination, make friends with your Inner Critic, discover your biggest time wasters and distractions and more.

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