October First Tuesday Top Social Media Trends!

First Tuesday Top Social Media Trends

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Do you get confused and overwhelmed by all of the social media jargon swirling around the internet? It’s easy to do! This why I am starting off each month debunking rumors and dispelling myths to save you time and keep you focused on your goals! I will also share a helpful tip that will also save you time researching changes that have happened in social media, and specifically on Facebook and Instagram. The two things I want to talk about today is how Facebook and Instagram have been testing the removal of “like” counts and the new Facebook Creator Studio where you can also schedule Instagram and IGTV content! So let’s dig in! 


As far as the removal of Facebook and Instagram “like” counts, this is not necessarily a rumor – it’s true! There is a lot of talk swirling around about the removal of “likes” on Facebook and Instagram and some people are FREAKING OUT! First of all,whatever you do, don’t ever freak out over a change in social media, the one thing you can count on in the realm of social media is change and you can quote me on that! The best thing you can do is to learn the facts about the change, realistically if it will impact you at all and adapt your current strategy when this said change is implemented. So, this change hasn’t happened yet in the U.S. The testing has happened in a few other countries such as Canada and Brazil. The idea is to prevent users from destructively comparing themselves to others and possibly feeling inadequate if their posts don’t get as many Likes. This aligns with the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative to improve the world’s overall well-being. Although, I like this idea, I worry that too many people are already so focused on “like” counts they won’t know what to do if they are removed. I will tell you exactly what to do – focus on the comments and direct messages you receive on these platforms and not so much the like counts. I’ve said this from the day I first started using social media as a business growth tool: Focus on the people, the money will follow. I think this is true in every aspect of business. In social media, you will get people commenting on your posts, replying to your Facebook and Instagram Stories. Think about it this way, those people are taking the time to comment and write out their thoughts. As opposed to paying attention to the number of likes that takes just a click of a button. See the difference here? Spend your time on connecting and building relationships with those people who are taking the time to interact. Investing time in those activities is what will change your results on social media and very possibly the trajectory of your business.


There have been some recent changes with the native Facebook and Instagram apps and desktop platforms that you should know about if you’re posting content on social media. 


You can NO LONGER schedule posts on Facebook Business Pages through the Facebook mobile app on iPhone. 

You can, however, download the Pages app (also by Facebook) and manage your Facebook Business Page content through that app, schedule content, review scheduled content, etc. 


You CAN now schedule Instagram posts through Facebook Business Page Creator Studio. Creator Studio is a free tool attached to your Facebook Business Page. If you connect your Instagram account to it as well, you can now schedule Instagram content through Facebook for FREE! 


Although, I do love free, I appreciate the reporting that 3rd party software platforms provide who also happen to allow you to publish content. The analytics programs that I use are Agorapulse and Sprout Social. If you are managing under 5 social media profiles their pricing is affordable, if you are managing more than 5 social media profiles, they can get pricey. Although, the ability to dig into metrics and analyze results in an effort to optimize your strategy and improve your results is something you don’t want to skip. 


To summarize, avoid getting caught up in the “like” count removal controversy and continue to focus on engaging with the people who are taking the time to engage with you by replying to their comments and their direct messages. Focus on connecting and building relationships. And with Creator Studio, if you’re not already using a free 3rd party software program, I would jump in and see how it can help you with scheduling content. If you are using a 3rd party program, my advice is if that’s working for you, then stick to it! 


Any questions? Direct message me on Facebook which is the best way to quickest way to get ahold of me 🙂


Tune in to next week’s show at 9:30am Pacific Time  “Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Video” even though Halloween is right around the corner 🙂

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