Don’t Be Afraid To Ask, the answer could be YES!

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Does it really hurt to ask? That is the question I want to ask you today. Again, does it hurt? What I’m finding is IT DOESN’T HURT TO ASK!

The story I want to share today is in regard to the SCORE networking breakfast I went to two weeks ago. It was an incredible panel of three women, three successful entrepreneurs, who shared their journey about starting their own businesses. They have received help from SCORE, the Women’s Business Center and from mentorship. It was really exciting to hear their stories. 

One of my favorite stories was from Angela Felice Cerezo. She’s the founder of Amore Kitchen. Initially, Angela’s business was focused on meal prep and catering, but now she is into teaching. She teaches kids and adults how to cook. Her roots go back to Italy. So she has this really strong sense of knowing how to cook from her Italian roots. 

Her story was really exciting! I think we can all learn from this. In her path to success, one of the things that she says that helped her is not being afraid to ask. I think of myself, and I think of things that have happened in my business and my career, and sometimes I think of how I really want to do something, but I have to ask someone. But I’m worried about what they are going to say or how they are going to respond. I start thinking, ‘what if they say no?!?’ You think of all of these crazy things in your head, right?!? That’s exactly the reason YOU NEED TO ASK! 

The way Angela explains it: She called a particular publication, and she said, “Hey I want to publish a blog article with a recipe in it, what do you think?” The publisher said, “Oh yeah! We’d love to!” Angela was surprised by the yes!  So she went onto the next person and the next connection she had and they kept saying yes! She was just so excited! 

The thing is you can’t be afraid to ask. I thought this was such a great example and a great message to send to you all today. Just don’t be afraid to ask! Don’t be afraid of someone saying ‘no.’ Or them saying ‘not this time.’ Or whatever the case may be. What COULD happen is they are going to say YES! And that could completely change the course of your business! 

The next story Angela told was about how she connected with the CEO of Airbnb for a strategic partnership that she is working on right now. If she had let fear take over and she hadn’t asked, she wouldn’t be where she is today with that project or with her business. 

Don’t be afraid to ask. It never hurts. If you let that fear get in your way, it could impede your progress. 

Take Angela’s advice from Amore Kitchen: ASK! 

I would love it if you would ask for a chat with me! Let’s get it on the books!

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