Capitalize with LIVE VIDEO:
Create Your Own Wave

Join Capitalize with Live Video today and attract a wave of potential connections and clients by quickly establishing yourself as an expert in your field using Facebook Live Video!

You create AMAZING transformations with your clients, but…

How do you reach new clients among the gigantic waves in the ocean of social media?

How do you avoid getting lost in sea of sameness and set yourself apart from the rest?

How do you share your amazing treasures without feeling super weird about it?
LIVE VIDEO is the best way to…
Achieve massive waves of organic reach, separate yourself from the sea of sameness and make real connections with your audience so you can make those transformations that you really want!

My Course

Capitalize with Live Video: Create your own Wave

My course, Capitalize with Live: Create your own Wave, will give you the skills, knowledge and technical ability to capture the power of live video with ease and make it work for you, bringing in leads and turning those leads into sales!

If you want to bring in more leads, make more sales and be known as an expert in your industry, this course is exactly what you need!

If you’re a life coach, business coach or online service-based entrepreneur, your biggest asset is YOU, not what you offer, how you offer it or the results you provide.

Well, okay maybe that’s part of it… yet none of it would happen without YOU!

People want to see YOU, they want to hear YOU, they want to connect with you.

This course will give you the skills, knowledge and technical ability to capture the power of live video with ease and give you the results you’ve always wanted from your efforts on Facebook!

BUT, Marketing Yourself Isn’t Easy—I Know…​

But, it can be difficult to think of topics to talk about, how to structure your live video and get people to show up all while making sales while not going crazy.
I quit my 14 year corporate career in 2014 to dedicate all of my time to my newborn son and our family. I didn’t see the path of having both a career and a family. Then about 6 months later I had a crazy business idea, and then another one, and quickly realized that I could be available for my family and have a career that I love!

I started with a coupon blog and became known as the crazy coupon lady in my circle. Everyone knew who to come to when they needed to find a great deal. It was then I realized that I needed to branch out beyond my network to reach other people and that’s when I discovered the power of social media.

That’s When Everything Changed

Once I discovered how social media could create a ripple effect throughout my online presence and how I could drive traffic to my website using Facebook and Instagram I developed a passion for social media and wanted to help other business owners discover the possibilities in store for them!

Now, I have my very own live show, Coaches Go Social™ where I interview coaches and experts to help guide you on what I like to call, the incredible journey of personal development and business growth otherwise known as entrepreneurship and you can too! I bring in consistent leads and have made a name for myself with the social media community and, because you’re here, I have to assume that’s something you want, too!


I knew live video was the next up and coming feature to connect on social media which is why I am so passionate about helping my clients realize the power of live video, implement it into their business and start getting results! And guess what, IT IS!

Get Amazing Results with LIVE VIDEO!

Dr. Karen K.

Life Coach & NLP Master Trainer

I’ve been a life coach for over 20yrs and after creating consistent live video, I was able to connect with a client who wanted to work with me so badly that she flew from Atlanta to San Diego to experience my Breakthrough Session and became my highest paying client to date.

Marsi H.

La Mesa Dream Dinners Owner

After being in business for about 10 years, we were willing to try anything to bring new customers into our business. After working with Amy and implementing a live video strategy, we achieved our highest sales month and she continues to inject her creativity into our strategy and always brings fun, new ideas that get results!

Capitalize with Live Video is right for you if…

• You struggle with getting your followers to pay attention to your social media posts

• You provide amazing transformations in your business and need more people to know about you

• You want to be recognized as an expert in your industry

• You love working hard and want your efforts to pay off

Here’s what you get:

Live Video Script Guide:

Know exactly what to say and when to say it when you go live with a customizable script for each of your live shows.

Confidence Booster:

Get past those minor negative emotions that hold you back from being your full and complete self over the video and in life.

The Members Only Facebook Group

Get the support, education and accountability you need to be consistent with the dedicated virtual co-working hours, brainstorming sessions and content planning sessions.

Engagement Treasure Chest

Stay on top of the latest trends with a constant flow of tactics and processes that work to increase engagement and give more visibility to your social media content.

Capitalize with Live Video Online Course

12 Modules that take you step by step through creating and hosting your very own live show from start to finish!

Capitalize with Live Video with Group Coaching

Join 5 of your fellow entrepreneurs to get your questions answered on a live call each week.

Get Started Today (Self guided)

If you’re the type of person that likes to “get it done!” and you want your live show to begin sooner than 3 months…

Access to Capitalize with Live includes:

  • Create Your Own Wave Course
  • 6 months of Facebook Group Support

(Group Coaching and weekly Q&A calls not included.)


All for just $997!

Group Course (Small group)

If you’re the type of person who likes to learn new skills with other like-minded people…
Access to Capitalize with Live:
  • Create Your Own Wave Course
  • Group Coaching
  • 12 months of support in a Facebook group

All for just $1997!
Or split into 4 payments of $549 (Save $199 when you pay in full)

Let Me Help You Get It Done!

Capitalize with Live provides simple step-by-step instructions to help you create your very own Facebook live show that will attracts your ideal clients, build strategic partnerships, creates community and elevates yourself as an expert in your field better than any other content on Facebook!

By the end of this course you will have a professional-looking, scroll-stopping Facebook Live show along with the confidence of knowing you have a strategy that will attract your ideal clients, build strategic partnerships, create community and elevate you as a leader in your industry. If you’re tired of creating posts on Facebook that aren’t getting attention, leveraging live video will allow you to create content that gets attention AND gives you loads of content to repurpose on all of your social channels!