Coaches Go Social: Wave.video Partnership Announcement

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“Social media can be fun and easy! Spread the word! That’s what I’m all about!”

So I brought you a super exciting bonus episode of Coaches Go Social! 

Typically, CGS episodes are on the first and third Tuesday of the month. I am so excited about the new amazing announcement I have that I just had to get a bonus show out to you! SQUEE!

Before we get to my super big exciting announcement, I wanted to share my social media strategy I use for myself and my clients, particularly when it comes to Live video marketing. 

Because that’s been our theme for the whole month of July!

If July’s CGS episodes haven’t convinced you to dive into Live video to grow your business, I’m hoping this show will! 

Right now, it is so so so important to do video as a part of your social media strategy! 

Live video gets 6x more views than any other content! 6x!!!! Woah! 

So if you want to…

-Gain visibility

-Show you are a leader in your industry

-Really connect with your audience/ideal client

I am going to share with your my OCEAN method. It’s what I use to grow social media, and it works!

First, though, one of the biggest things I’ve learned in my own Live video journey is that I want the tools I use to be easy, fun, intuitive and doable. 

With my OCEAN method, your social media can be easy and fun! Without further ado: 

Offer – Offer something that is a part of what you offer for your business in your social media. For example, throw out a challenge, build a Facebook group or build your email list. 

Connect – Show your personality. Show your audience who you are! Help others get connected.

Engage – Inspire conversations with your social media. This will depend on your brand style: Are you off the wall and entertaining? Have your audience join in the fun! Or ask questions of your audience. 

Authority – You are the one who has all of the knowledge and experience to share. Sharing valuable tidbits to show your expertise helps build trust and credibility. 

Nurture – Understand who your ideal client is and have something they need. Be a resource for them. Provide them with valuable resources. Help them make connections. 

That’s what I do with CGS! I love sharing resources and connecting people! 

Social media can be fun and easy! Spread the word! That’s what I’m all about!

Now…Drum Roll pleassseeeee….

My super exciting big announcement!!!  

Coaches Go Social is now being sponsored by Wave.video!!! It’s the video creation tool that I use, and I am so so excited to partner with them! 

I’ll be teaching some trainings and showing you how to leverage your own videos! 

I’m beyond excited! 

I did give away a free month of Wave.video’s highest business plan, but unfortunately, the chance to enter the giveaway is over! 

But check out Wave.video! It’s so worth it! 

Check out my Wave.video demo above!!!

If you want to talk more about your live video marketing strategies or you want to learn more about Wave.video, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin!

Or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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