Coaches Go Social: Supercharge Your Website In the New Year

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“It starts with curiosity. Above the fold content gets people to lean in to learn more about the transformation, the value.”

This week we are going to talk about supercharging your website!

If you’ve put your website on the back burner, now’s the time to bring it to life and use the tips, my guest, Gina Williams, is going to share with us. 

Gina’s going to share with us a bunch of great tips this week, especially with getting leads! 

If you’re an entrepreneur, I know improving your website is definitely on top of your list! 

I wanted to share a bit about Gina! I met Gina at Hera Hub a few years ago. If you look at my website, she designed it.  She continues to help me support it. I love it so much! And I love working with Gina! 

She and her business partner sold their thriving multi-six-figure business back in 2016. She had one goal after that: To help people reach their goals. 

After a decade in small business, she thought the best way to help people is to help people get their website working. To really make it work for them. 

She helps entrepreneurs attract more clients and close more sales with their websites. 

She’s going to share 3 powerful tips today: 

  1. Why you really can’t help people with free content
  2. The biggest mistake she sees in struggling personal brands on the web 
  3. The number one reason your website isn’t bringing you leads

Before we get into the tips for this week a little more about Gina. 

The business she sold was an e-commerce business. It was gifts for beer lovers! 

The whole idea was that wine lovers have all of the towels and all of these things that celebrated their love of wine. So she and her business partner created gifts for craft beer lovers to celebrate their love of craft beer because it was such a growing trend. 

That was a really fun business! Totally bootstrapped. They made it work! She learned a ton, and she came out of that with all of this knowledge. She wanted to help other people do the same thing on the web. 

So she obviously has the skills to improve websites and knows what it takes to make them work for you. 

Your website is super important because that’s ultimately where you want your audience and potential clients to end up. From social media and newsletters to your website. So you want your website to be working at its best for you. Even if it’s is great, there’s always room for improvement! 

Your website needs to have the right messaging and have the right look, but it doesn’t do much good if there is nobody seeing it. SEO is an important part of that! 

SEO is this mythical being. People know it’s important, and it’s something about keywords. But how do you know your web developers are actually optimizing for SEO? 

Here are a few questions to ask your web developer to see if they are doing the SEO work for your website…

  1. What is the web developer’s approach? Unfortunately, if you talk to five different SEO specialists, you’re going to get five different answers as to what they think works. To some degree, it’s a little bit of a guessing game. Nobody really knows Google’s algorithms and how they work. But there are some really big key factors that have shifted, especially in the last year that have made SEO easier to understand. 
  2. Ask your website developer a list of keywords and the traffic that they get. Good traffic for a small business is anything over 100 searches per month. It’s nice to be in the range of 100-1000 for a small business. The bigger brands are going for hundreds of thousands of searches. 
  3. Ask about the competition’s SEO rankings. Who’s at the top of the list for the same keywords you are going after and why do you think you can beat them? 
  4. The easier side of the SEO puzzle is for the entrepreneur to get more Google reviews. Getting Google reviews, in the last year, has become much much more important when it comes to ranking your site, especially locally. Get ranked locally and build up and out from there.  

Lots of good SEO tips! 

Next, we dove into why entrepreneurs can’t help people with free content. Free content is great! People are all over social media giving away free content. Gina does it too! 

But here’s what you need to know: You can spin your wheels creating different free offers, but ultimately, the transformation is in the transaction. Your clients are not going to get the value you are trying to offer them until they buy-in. When people haven’t invested in something, they don’t often get the return or the value that you would expect them to. 

Free content is good, but the effect isn’t going to be as great as when they have bought in. 

What’s buying in? That leads to the biggest struggle brands are making on the web: 

They are not creating offers that are truly showcasing the value of that offer to their prospective clients. 

On their websites, entrepreneurs talk about what they do and how they do it, but they aren’t really showing the transformation they are going to help that client get. 

Websites need to answer the questions: What is the value that person is going to walk away with? What are they losing by not working with you? You are trying to paint a picture of the value of your services. 

Products inherently have value. It’s tangible. You can touch it. You can hold it. You can feel it. 

With a service, entrepreneurs have to do a much better job of painting the picture of that value in order for people to understand it. How is the service going to truly benefit the client? 

It’s ego-based. As entrepreneurs, we want to make sure we sound good enough. That’s where we are coming from. If we can just turn that lens around and really help clients understand what the benefits are to them. That’s where we want to be! 

So once you talk more about the benefits of your services, how can you use your website to get more leads? 

For entrepreneurs, it is all about the call to action. 70% of small businesses don’t really have a call to action on their websites. If you’ve worked hard enough to actually get people to your website, you’ve got to capture their attention, build trust, yes, but ultimately, what’s stopping potential clients from contacting you, is not having a very clear, simple, and effective call to action. 

The “Contact Us” button just doesn’t cut it. 

We don’t want potential clients to have to make the leap on their own. We want to make the connection for them. 

With calls to action, not only does it need to be enticing, but also sometimes on a website, it can just be leading them to get more information. The “Learn More” button doesn’t get the job done either. But something that says, “Get Started” and then actually shows the potential client how to get started, that works better. Anything that helps people make progress right now, that’s valuable. Nobody wants to wait for anything. 

If someone can schedule that appointment right now or if they can get the instant quote, if they can get started, those are all really great calls to action. 

Last year, Gina created a website for a retail store in San Diego. They are flooring contractors so they offer products and services. They already had a fair amount of traffic to their website. The main thing she redid that made a big difference was change the call to action. Gina changed the call to action to “Estimate My Floors Now,” which was above the fold. Competitors’ websites just say “Free Estimate,” which implies potential wait time. Changing things up to getting her clients’ call to action to get an estimate now made a huge difference. Gina’s client was getting more calls through their website every day because of the change. 

Calls to action should be “above the fold.” It is an old newspaper term for headlines and articles that were placed prominently before the paper folded in half. It’s the first thing you see if you don’t scroll on a website. Because people make a decision about your website in under 2 seconds, the above the fold is where your focus should be. That’s the most important section of your website. 

What should go above the fold on your website that’s going to make people stick around? 

Definitely a call to action and a transformational headline. That’s going to be a headline that’s going to keep potential clients very curious about the transformation you’ll help them make with your offer. It’s the end result they are trying to get to. Then you talk later about the how. 

It starts with curiosity. Above the fold content gets people to lean in to learn more about the transformation, the value. 

The type of content that goes above the fold depends on your brand. As a general rule, Google likes it when you have a video on your homepage. If you have an awesome video up top, it’s definitely going to be attention-grabbing. It’s best if the video starts playing immediately. Make sure it is well produced. 

Keep doing what works, make tweaks along the way, and experiment! 

Connect with Gina on LinkedIn and her own website

If you are really considering live video in 2021, get on the waitlist for my live video course: https://capitalizesocialmedia.com/cwl/ The next session will start up in March! 

Also, if you are a coach looking for a little more marketing support come join my private Facebook group, the Consistent Content Club! I also have another group that goes even deeper. If you’re interested in the new Tidepool group, set up a time to chat with me directly! 

If you want to talk more about supercharging your website or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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