Coaches Go Social: Productivity Tips For Uncertain Times

Coaches Go Social Julie Miller Davis

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Right now I’m focusing on things I can control. If you’ve been following my Facebook and Instagram stories, you know the one thing I can control right now is organizing my house! In these crazy times, we can take a moment to organize our businesses and make them more efficient with a few tips productivity coach, Julie Miller Davis shared with me this week on Coaches Go Social!   

Julie Miller Davis’ Productivity Tips In Unprecedented Times

1.Create a scheduled routine for both your business and your family. 

Julie says it is important to include breaks for lunch and time outside in the routine you create. Be consistent but flexible. One big win for her has been consistently getting out of bed at the same time every morning. For her, that’s 7 am! 

2.Spend time outside. 

Take time to get outside and move around! It’s important to get out from behind our computers!

3.Plan family activities and family time. 

Spend time being a family instead of just passing each other in the hallway. Julie says after dinner, her and her family put a puzzle together or play a game. Fun!

4.Focus on what you can control. 

Do your best not to stay buried under the frustration and worry over things we can’t control. Julie gave a few great examples of how her clients are innovating and pivoting quickly to adjust to current circumstances. 

-Phoenix Sagen (@MyTravel4Ever) turned her Facebook page into a Staycation-Mania Hub. She posts recipes and activities geared toward families with younger kids. 

-A spa owner created facials in a box. She drops them off at clients’ homes and they set up Zoom calls to do facials with their friends. 

-A photographer is offering drive-by photo sessions. Set up your family or yourself (for portraits) on your porch and she will drive up and take the photos.

5.Take action. 

Like the examples above, each business owner took some type of action to continue to help people with the products and services they typically offer. 

6.Create systems at home and for your business. 

By controlling your calendar and task lists and blocking (60 mins-90mins at a time) and chunking (5 mins- 30 mins at a time) time, you can choose when you are available. Be consistent and firm in your time boundaries!  

7.Use this time to reset habits and routines. 

Think about what habits and routines you want to carry over when things return to a new normal for both your business and your family. 

8.Communication is key among family members!

Julie has some great free resources that go deeper into how you can stay focused during these uncertain times. Here it is

Another important point that I wanted to remind everyone of: Don’t forget to give yourself some grace during this time! Yes, it’s good and productive to have a routine but allow yourself to have days when you stay in your pj’s all day and don’t shower until 5 pm! I’ve been there! 

Focus on the positive and keep moving forward! If you have any questions or need support, I am here for you! Let’s chat!

Join us next week on Coaches Go Social for a chat with Professional Organizer JoAnn Krall! We’ll be talking about how to organize your paper and digital clutter. Don’t miss it! 


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