Coaches Go Social: Navigating Sales in Uncertain Times

Coaches Go Social Jennifer Diepstraten

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One strategy I use to plan social media is to have a monthly theme. The theme for March was Master Your Money on my Coaches Go Social show. The original thought was to have great money content in time for tax season! But the world had other plans. Coaches Go Social ended the month with High Ticket Sales Coach, Jennifer Diepstraten.  Our focus was on how to navigate sales during these uncertain times. 

Jennifer emphasized the point that no one has the answers as to what to do now. Yet, she made clear that certain things have held true during these unprecedented times…

“If you are here to make a difference, and you want to shape the future of our world now is an extremely important time to keep marketing and selling. If we can’t keep serving people than they can’t keep changing the world, right?” 

Right? I love that! 

She also made the good point that just because we can’t leave our homes doesn’t mean we can leave our mission behind. People need us more now than ever! It’s time we rise and be leaders! 

I couldn’t agree more! With that, she gave us some great answers to tough questions she’s been getting over the last few weeks as the world as we know it has drastically changed…

Q: Is it opportunistic to be selling right now? 

Jennifer says if you are coming from a true and aligned place, you are never opportunistic. Right now, we need to align ourselves with what the market needs, and present our offers in a way that makes them available to people who need us. Our job is to put the offer out there and let people choose. 

Q: Should people be discounting offers or giving things away for free? 

Jennifer says it depends. If you can make your offer relevant and show why people need it, then there are people out there who can buy it. So why not offer your products or services for the same price you offered them pre-virus? 

There’s a balance to it: Being aware of what people are comfortable with and knowing where in the market you can find people in the position who can take advantage of your offer no matter what’s happening in the world. There will always be someone out there who can. 

She does caution people about being aware of those who have signed onto your long-term programs and potentially discounting the same program now. The people who adopted your program’s pre-virus will feel pretty bad! She recommends always to reward fast action. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone who feels unsure about selling right now? 

Jennifer said, first, get in alignment with what you have to offer. Find your center and keep clear on what you really want to create instead of creating something out of default or out of fear. Yet, don’t reach a point of analysis paralysis. Thinking and analysis are good, but up to a point. 

Second, if you want to know what’s going to move the needle, you have to try stuff! Take action and put it out in front of people! If you want things to be good, you have to just start and keep evaluating and making it better. Let perfection go! 

Jennifer also suggests being in alignment not only internally, but externally as well. Communicating your unique offer and why people should buy from you and not from someone else is a learnable skill. That means you have to be aligned with your value, and you have to get others to understand that as well. She offered up a great free resource called The Hot Offer Checklist. Get it here to get started! 

And finally, she said now is the time to work on your digital credibility. Get on social! That might be the only place people will be able to check out your business for a while. 

That’s where I come in! If you want to talk more about getting your social media in order during these times, let’s set up a time to chat!

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