Coaches Go Social: Maximize Profits & Time with Sales Funnels

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“Eeek! Sales funnels sound scary, but Kristin keeps it simple.”

If you own an online business, especially a coaching business, I’m sure you’ve heard of sales funnels. 

So many people right now are learning how to balance running their businesses along with managing their families and their children’s schooling. 

I know I am! 

With Back To School being so uncertain along with everything else, it’s a rough time. 

So this month’s theme for CGS is growth hacks for how to balance your business and family life, especially right now. 

This week, Kristin Arilus, owner of Monetized Mama and mother of two toddlers under the age of 4, joins us to share how to use sales funnels to make our offers more streamlined and profitable. She will also be sharing how she balances her own coaching business alongside taking care of her children. 

After two months of knowing each other, Kristin and her, now husband, got married. Six months later, she was pregnant with their first child all the while being a military family which requires them to move around the world. 

Starting her own online business just made sense with her family situation. 

Kristin started out network marketing, but quickly realized coaching women on how to generate more profit in their businesses was more profitable for her!

She saw her clients were posting all the right content and gaining tons of traffic, but they weren’t converting as much of it as they should into profit. 

So Kristin started to introduce them to sales funnels. 

Eeek! Sales funnels sound scary, but Kristin keeps it simple. 

She helps people drill down on what problem they solve and then she helps them create a client process. 

Kristin equates it to a rainbow: On one side, it’s all about clouds and rain (the problem to be solved). On the other side, it is sunshine and the pot of gold (problem is solved). The rainbow in between is the process she helps her clients create through sales funnels. 

It’s all about nurturing the people who are already working with you. To create up sales and down sales and supportive messaging for people who get stuck along the way. 

People who already work with you will bring friends and before you know it, you’ve nurtured a huge network of referrals and repeat clients. 

Kristin is like an organizing guru for your business process! 

She helps her clients create 3 levels of offers: 

Active – These are coaching calls. The one on one work you provide that can’t be automated. The energy from this work comes 100% from you. It takes the most time. 

Leverage – This is one to many. These could be one time workshops or group strategy sessions. Takes less time. 

Passive – This is the content you make once and you keep making money. Essentially, you are making money while you sleep with this offer. 

Kristin recommends having both shorter/simpler offers (low ticket, more client management) AND intensive offers (high ticket, working with fewer clients for more money). This will all depend on the kind of time you have. How are you time capped? 

All great advice and knowledge! 

The amazing thing about Kristin is that she runs her own business while her husband who is active Navy is stationed in Japan, AND she is homeschooling her two toddlers! 


She blocks out “Mommy Time” on certain days and in between her calls. So when she knows it’s “Mommy Time,” she is fully present with her kids. 

As far as homeschooling goes, she is focusing on home economics and spending time outside in nature. 

Kristin tries to turn everything they do into a fun learning opportunity! From cooking (so much fun learning potential!) to singing the ABCs while riding bikes. Learning can happen anywhere! 

Kristin is a business and family balancing inspiration for us all while we collectively and individually try to figure out our path forward! 

If you want to learn more about sales funnels or working with Kristin, you can connect with her through her website: https://kristinarilus.com/

If you want to talk even more about sales funnels or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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