Coaches Go Social: Love Yourself, Love Your Life

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With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, I loved sharing with you my guest on this week’s Coaches Go Social episode. Karen Kramer is an NLP master practitioner and life coach who emphasizes how important self-love is to living our best lives.  

People typically think of their external relationships when they think of Valentine’s Day. But today with Karen, we focus on self-love. The more we love ourselves the more it ripples through the rest of our lives. We are all capable of reaching our goals by ourselves, but working with a coach like Karen helps us see past our blind spots, provides clarity, and gives us tools to tackle limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  Ultimately, with a coach like Karen, we create the life we want faster. 

Who wouldn’t want that?!?

Not only did Karen share with us two amazing and inspiring client stories on the episode, but she also gave us a great way to tackle decision-making in a different way. Yay! 

She explains that NLP, or Neuro-Linguistics Programming, is all based on understanding HOW we are programmed, WHAT helps or hinders our process toward success, and HOW we get “unstuck.” 

One of the processes she uses to help her clients break out of the box of their own thinking (or potential ‘limiting decision’) is Cartesian Logic. She uses this tool with her clients, her friends and even her self in making major and minor decisions. 

The four questions (based on a decision to be made) are: 

-What would happen if you did? 

-What would happen if you didn’t? 

-What won’t happen if you did? 

-What won’t happen if you didn’t? 

It is intended to be a ‘brain twister,’ and so powerful to help break out of one’s current way of thinking. 

Try it out, and let her know how it went. Connect with her on Facebook! 

If you want to talk more about this or how I can help you with your business social media, let’s set up a time to chat

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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