Coaches Go Social: Jumpstart Your Business In 2020

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This week, on Coaches Go Social, I was so excited to introduce you to Yvonne Heimann of Ask Yvi. She’s a business efficiency coach who kicks your butt into gear, holds you accountable to your goals and helps integrate tech tools into your business to make you a more effective and productive business owner. 

Yvonne has paid her dues by running her own business, and now she’s passionate about sharing what she has learned as a business efficiency coach and consultant. She strives to help her clients create a streamlined business that works for them. 

This week’s episode was filled with so many valuable nuggets that I just had to recap it here.

Yvonne on Tools and Workflows…

  1. Being a solopreneur isn’t sustainable. Create workflows and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) early and often so you can train a team to run your business exactly as you want it. 
  2. The best tools are the ones you actually use. Ask your networks for tool recs, but then make a decision that works for you and actually have to use it. 
  3. Creating workflows and SOPs is an ongoing process, but it has a big payoff and it is worth it as long as it works for you. 
  4. To really know if a tool is for you and your business, you have to use it for at least 3 months. 

Yvonne on Self-Care and Business…

  1. Take time (a day, half a day, an hour massage, etc.) for yourself. You need to optimize yourself to avoid burnout. 
  2. If you feel anxiety over a deadline, you won’t meet it. STOP. Take a moment to clear your head before returning to the work. Take a walk. Go for a hike. Play with your pet. Have brunch with the girls. Do something non-work related. Clear your mind and then tackle the project. 
  3. Connect with people IN PERSON to take advantage of good exchanges of energy.
  4. When there are tasks that absolutely must be done by you, do it even if it drains your energy. Then follow the task up with something that fills you up again so you are not completely depleted by the end of the day. 
  5. Always take care of yourself. Listen to yourself. Yvonne suggests creating a self-assessment journal and asking yourself the following questions: What are you spending your time on? What’s elevating you personally and professionally? If it isn’t elevating you, eliminate it. 

Yvonne does more than just guide you to become a more efficient business owner. She helps you take a look at how you are taking care of yourself as a person. Because if your cup isn’t full you won’t be able to give to your business or your clients. 

If you want to talk more about this or how I can take a task off your plate, let’s set up a time to chat

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