Coaches Go Social: How to Stand For a Cause With Your Brand

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“No one can ever argue or refute your own personal experience.” 

I’m super excited about our topic this week! We are talking about taking a stand for a cause in your business! 

Is there a cause you are passionate about that you want to align with your business? 

This week on Coaches Go Social we’ll help you to start to navigate that with my guest, Maryrose Solis, personal branding coach and founder of March4ward.

She talked about bringing that cause into your business with intention and NOT contention! 

I love that! 

After working for years in the corporate world, she’s now able to use both her right and left brain to do the wonderful personal branding work she does! 

And the work she does with personal branding is so important now more than ever and she’s passionate about helping people show their authentic selves. 

“I think the more we can show our heart, genuinely, the more we will attract the ideal client. The one you are called to serve.” 

So how do you figure out how to incorporate causes we love into our business? Do we stay away from controversial causes? 

“I don’t think you should stay away from controversial causes as long as it aligns with who you are personally and if it is an important topic for you. That’s where we’ve gotten into trouble: Positioning ourselves as one thing, but really in our hearts we are another.” 

Maryrose says don’t shy away from those causes if they are important to you. There is a way to craft messages without contention! It is about trusting who you are and what you believe in, and you will attract or repel those who align or don’t align with you. 

It’s really getting more personal with business. 

“If there is something I feel strongly about or it’s important to me, I’m definitely going to share. It’s incorporated into my brand values,” she says.

That rests in really knowing your brand. What are your brand/core values? What are your guiding principles? 

Your messaging can be positive if you share it such a way that is aligned with solutions rather than no solutions regardless of the topic. It’s okay if you aren’t aligned with everybody! 

What if we are moderately passionate about a lot of causes? How do we pick what to align with our business? 

If you know your core values and your guiding principles as well as your why, if those things align with a cause you are passionate about, that’s a good indication that’s what you should focus on. 

If you come across a particular topic and it really hits your heart, then that’s it and then incorporate it into your messaging. 

For example, Maryrose is passionate about mental health and being a mental health advocate and because she talks about this in her messaging, last year, when she wanted to support a particular mental health organization, it came as no surprise to her audience. 

“There will always be differences, but there is something to be said for working with clients who align with my own personal value system. It’s easier to work with those people. It feels more natural. It’s more effective and more productive.”

“I was okay with not working with everybody. I was okay with actually being selective and saying no to particular folks because I already knew we wouldn’t be able to maximize our opportunities together. No judgment. We just weren’t a good fit.”

It’s especially important for coaches and their brand to understand their core values and guiding principles. There’s a lot of coaches out there! To stand out and attract your ideal client, you have to be who you really are. 

“It’s important for coaches to do the deep work to create a very core personal brand so that everything can be built from that, which is the foundation. Then everything else comes easier.” 

When a coach doesn’t know their core values and guiding principles, it makes it much more challenging. 

It just comes more effortlessly and organically when you’ve done the heart work. When you do the heart work, that’s when you attract those you are called to serve. 

Here are 3 tips for How to Brand for a Cause: 

1. Identifying the causes that aligns with your brand values

2. Considering your brand and considering your audience

3. Understand how to brand with intention and not contention

You can post content around tough topics as long as it aligns with who you are. 

Maryrose centers her content around her values of love, compassion and integrity.  She uses a lot of ‘I’ statements. 

“No one can ever argue or refute your own personal experience.” 

Keep it about you. That helps if you are posting about topics that are strong or controversial right now. 

Be considerate of your client/audience. Words matter. Images matter. Colors matter. Be mindful and aware. 

Do market research. Being on the pulse of trends along with knowing what your audience is going through, will help you craft more mindful, strategic content. 

Here’s how to connect with Maryrose: March4ward.com and AskMaryrose.com 

Also, if you are a coach looking for a little more marketing support come join my private Facebook group, the Consistent Content Club!

If you want to talk more about branding and causes or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

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