Coaches Go Social: How to Set your 2021 Goals and Start Now

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“You have to know what you want to get what you want.”

It’s the first day of the last month of 2020! 

Whether you are excited about its ending or not, you have to be prepared for the new year! And what better time to start thinking about goals, but right now! 

This week, I talked to my friend, author and founder of the D.E.B method, Deb Eckerling about setting goals for 2021. 

We talked about what Goal-topia is and what it means to you!  We also talked about why to start 2021 now. As well as, how to set yourself up for success in 2021. 

Deb’s first piece of advice, start 2021 now! 

No matter what kind of year 2020 was for you, most people seem to be happy to move on! 

Why not start now! 

Before we dive deeper, a little more about Deb… 

She is the founder of the DEB method. A system to help people figure out what they want and how to get it. DEB stands for: 

Determine your mission

Explore your options 

Brainstorm your path

These three phases will really help you hone in on your Goal-topia and set a course for yourself for success. She is also the author of “The Goal Guide: A Roadmap for Setting, Planning and Achieving Your Goals.”

Deb believes everybody should be happy, and part of that is honing in on what that should be. She uses her book to help people do that. 

The first half of the book takes the reader through the DEB method. 

The second half of the book goes through success strategies. There are even worksheets and a Facebook group to join. 

Deb lives her motto: Goal setting simplified. 

Changing your life is hard enough. The instruction should be super easy. She hosts a number of chats and groups on Twitter. And she helps businesses and individuals define, plan and achieve their goals. 


Diving right in…How to figure out what Goal-topia means to you?

Goal-topia is living your goals. It’s about living the life you want by achieving your goals. 

Maybe you can change your career. Maybe you can’t. If you can’t, there have to be other things you can introduce into your life that will bring you joy. That’s what Goal-topia is all about. 

Is it your dream career? Is it running a successful business? Is it becoming an expert in your field? Sometimes it is more than one of these! 

It’s also about work and life balance, especially now when work and life are so meshed together. The awareness that you need balance and introducing balance into your life, that’s Goal-topia for a lot of people. 

You need to know what you want to get what you want. 

It’s not just about the professional goals. You want to have 3-5 big goals you are working toward at any given time. Usually, you’ll have one or two goals that are far ahead. A few that are in the wings waiting to move forward. 

But to have it as a mix of both professional and personal goals, that’s what is so essential. Your professional goals help you with your personal goals. Your personal goals help you with your professional life. 

If you’re not happy in your personal life, and you need to change something that’s going to impact your professional life. And if you’re miserable at your job, it’s certainly going to impact your work/life balance. 

When you are thinking of your Goal-topia, you kinda already know. If you don’t know, meditate, journal, just really let your mind wander. Think about the question: If life were perfect if I could do whatever I want, what does that look like for me? That’s really where it all starts. 

There are resources for everything. Let’s say you do have to stick with your day job. Why not look at a side hustle. Think about what kind of hobby or thought leadership you can create in tandem with your work or look at other work options. There are so many ways to mix and match! 

You have the choice to make a change if you need to make a change. Or if circumstances cause you to make a change that is another reason to look inside yourself and say, “Okay, I need to change things. What do I want?” Then go through to Determine your mission, Explore your path, Brainstorm your path (the DEB method). 

Deb says it’s simple. It’s not simple. It takes work. It is a gift to yourself to live the life you want. You deserve it! 

Once you know your Goal-topia, you can write your current bio because you need to know where you are before you can figure out where you’re going. Then you write your future bio. Then work out a mission statement. Most of us have worked in business and know that businesses can have mission statements, but people can have mission statements too. 

Your mission statement is really who you are, how you help. The helping part gives you that added zing that will get you to where you want to go. Your mission statement can be to inform, educate and entertain. That’s still a mission. It’s what you do that you know will help others and how will you manifest that? 

For example, Deb’s mission is to use her background, her experience and systems to help as many people as possible to find, plan and achieve their goals. 

It embodies so much of who Deb is, her background and what she wants to do with all of it. 

Once you have your mission, you want to shorten it into a motto. Deb’s is goal-setting simplified. 

In all of what Deb does, she makes it simple. “What do you need to do?” 

The E in the DEB method is where you start to educate yourself about how you go about getting what you want. 

For example, if you don’t love your job and need a new one. 

Okay. What does that mean? What can you do? Are you changing jobs or are you changing careers? You use the E to explore these options. 

You gather the information around those questions. And then you Brainstorm your path. That’s all about what you need to do to really get it done. Throw everything on the page. Divide, organize, conquer. Schedule. Make a plan. 

It’s simple. Yet, it’s not. 

Your goals need to be as specific as you need them to be. You want to have your long term goals. Then your short-term goals that help you reach your long-term goals. Then your benchmarks that make up our short term goals. And your tasks that make up your benchmarks. 

For Deb, her goal is to be the #1 goal setting expert in the world. 

What are her options to get there: Writing books, creating courses, speaking, keynote addresses, becoming an expert on TV. Be the person someone calls when they need someone to talk about goals. 

A book goal for example is a really good way to illustrate Alpha and Beta goals. 

Let’s say you are a thought leader. You want to be known in the universe. A good long term goal is to be a best selling author. Short-term goals for that are to write a book, get an agent, get it published, all of these things have other benchmarks. A short term goal would be to write the book proposal, especially if you’re writing a non-fiction book. You’ll also have to come up with the overview, and the promotional plan, the chapters, the endorsements, the demographics. All the little things that go into it, you can be working on these things in tandem while you’re writing your book. 

All of your goals have different sub-goals and benchmarks. 

For 2021, pick 3-5 good goals. You want one dream goal there. You want one easy goal there. And the other three can be mix and match. Pick a few that are reasonable that you know you can do. 

Networking goals should always be part of your goal plan. Networking goals can span both professional and personal goals. Last year, before COVID, Deb would recommend going to one networking event per week. That can be a lunch and learn, a mixer, a happy hour, it can be something educational in the evening, a workshop, a book signing, or it can be coffee or dinner with friends. 

Now with how things are, Deb says there’s no reason a person can’t do at least 3 of those during the week. One Facebook chat, one live event, one Zoom call. 

Connect with people on LinkedIn after networking and follow up with them. 

You can set up Zoom coffees, but you are asking about their business so you have to be protective of their time. Look at your connections and see who is achieving/doing the thing you want to accomplish too. 

And think of the inter-connectors, the people who know everyone. See who they can connect you to. 

This goes along with the Explore your options phase. Look at what it will take to do any of your goals and figure out what is reasonable. What can you do, and be successful with your life at the same time? 

It’s that balance of achieving your goals, keeping your life going and having a balance with all of it. 

What’s the big advantage of starting now? 

A lot of people are caught up in the mentality of how awful 2020 is. Deb says forget about it. 

Move forward. Work forward. We don’t need to wait for the arbitrary Jan. 1 start date. You can set new goals at any time. 

When there have been so many more challenges this year than most, it really is the perfect time to start now and leave 2020 behind. 

If you get your planning now, you are going to be so far ahead of everyone else. You can make a running start into 2021. Make Dec. 1st your new year! 

Do what works for you when it comes to goals and timelines. See what makes sense for your to-do list. Schedule EVERYTHING. Do it in a way that makes you feel successful. Commit to what you can do. Celebrate all of the wins. You’re worth it. 

To connect with Deb: 


Write On Facebook Group

Your Goal Guide Facebook Group


Also, if you are a coach looking for a little more marketing support come join my private Facebook group, the Consistent Content Club! I also have another group that goes even deeper. If you’re interested in the new Tidepool group, set up a time to chat with me directly! 

If you want to talk more about goals or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

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