Coaches Go Social: How To Reach Your Goals Using Hypnosis

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“Hypnosis really let’s you get past the objections that you have running in your subconscious that sabotage you getting to your outcome.”

Keeping up with the theme of Mental Health Awareness month, we continue to talk about how we can improve our mindset. 

There are so many ways to keep your mindset positive and strong, and that is why I invited my guest, Marion Weist, to this week’s show. She is the founder of Foothill Hypnosis. Hypnosis is the tool she uses to help her clients to reach their personal and professional goals. 

Marion was born and raised in San Diego. She grew up in one of the Native American tribes in the San Diego area called Viejas. She moved away from the area for 13 years. It was during that time, Marion discovered hypnosis. She was surrounded by people who were using hypnosis, so she was able to be hypnotized and really see what it was. What you see on TV and in the movies is totally different from what hypnosis really is. 

She had an experience of hypnosis and wanted to learn more. She found someone in her area who was practicing hypnosis, and she became a client. She used it to get over stage fright and a fear of public speaking. She saw so much success from hypnosis in about 3 months, and she was hooked! She wanted to learn how to do it. 

She’s been doing hypnosis since about 2006. She has run her clinic in San Diego since 2014. She’s had the privilege of training around the world, and being a part of a group called the Master Hypnosis Society that brings stability in running a business. She owes this group a debt of gratitude for the years of training and support they’ve provided. 

In her clinic, the majority of the clients that come in are looking to lose weight or quit smoking, or they are dealing with stress in their lives. She does get plenty of business owners and professionals who are trying to hit their goals. They have these big dreams, but they don’t know what’s holding them back. 

They can feel that there is something bigger they are supposed to be doing. They have the skill set, but there is something missing that seems to be blocking them. Marion teaches them how to get past these blocks. There are these imaginary walls we create. Marion gives her clients tools to remember that the imaginary wall is just that: imaginary! Her tools give her clients the power to say, “Hey, that doesn’t have to be the old coping mechanism.” These tools break down the imaginary walls. 

Marion has had a bunch of business owners, especially over the last year struggling with how do they bring people into their business during a very challenging time? A lot of these business owners couldn’t finish their hypnotherapy programs because the blocks went away and their business started getting busy! 

It’s been cool for Marion to use the tools of hypnosis not just for helping people stop smoking or lose weight, but also to help people use it in their daily lives.

Hypnosis really let’s you get past the objections that you have running in your subconscious that sabotage you getting to your outcome. We have these outside distractions like Netflix or other people. It’s about not letting those things sabotage you, and being able to notice that those things actually are sabotaging you and your goals. Marion gives her clients tools to manage all of it.

Marion wants to emphasize that the hypnosis that is portrayed in movies and TV is completely different than what she does in real life. She doesn’t wave crystals, and she doesn’t make you black out and wake up and not know what’s going on. 

Hypnosis is actually a tool that you are using everyday. It’s happening whether you know it or not. There is only a small amount of people in the world who cannot be hypnotized. But most people can be and are hypnotized everyday. If you’ve ever driven down the highway and you’re enjoying the music, and then you pull into your driveway you think, “I totally don’t know how I got here!” That is actually a form of hypnosis. Your unconscious mind is getting you to your destination safely, but your conscious mind is wound up in the stress or the things that you have to do when you get home. Your unconscious mind is like, “I got this.” 

So you already know how to do it. With Marion, she helps people design the GPS route that leads them to their goals. It really is as easy as making a left or right decision. Just like a GPS, if you meant to take a left turn, but you took a right, hypnosis just reroutes you. It doesn’t keep you stuck on the side of the highway, it just reroutes you to get back on track. 

You can say, “I have been hypnotized. I can be hypnotized. How can I use it on a daily basis?” That’s what Marion does in her clinic. 

You might say that you want to change something. There might be something in the background saying, “You don’t really want to change this as much as you think you do.” That is why Marion does a free consultation first. Some people just aren’t there yet. They aren’t ready to make the change. That’s totally okay that they aren’t there yet. 

Marion uses hypnosis to help her clients improve communication. Virginia Satir and her book The New Peoplemaking talks about the different ways we communicate with each other that leave people stuck and trapped. There are people who blame others when things get stressful or overwhelming (Blamer). There are people who do everything for everyone else and complain they have no time for themselves (Placator). Then there is the person who overthinks things. Who is internal, yet doesn’t get a lot done because they are thinking so much (Computer).  Finally, there is the Distractor who has fifteen different things going on, but never finishes any of them. 

Instead of blaming, placating, computing or distracting, with hypnosis Marion teaches clients how to take responsibility for the actions that are going on instead of letting them sabotage you so you can be free to say, “Oh, I see what I did there. Now what needs to be different?” Ask yourself, what skills do I have or what skills do I need to get to the next step? Instead of asking, “Why is this happening?” Why is not a useful question. Because it has no answer. Why is just going to leave you with the reasons you need to stay stuck and trapped. Focus on how you get there, and what you need to do next. 

Life is always going to be hard. Life will always change. What do you need to feel calm and relaxed in moving forward? That’s what Marion does with hypnosis. How do you stay calm in a crazy world?

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