Coaches Go Social: How to Humanize Your Marketing In A Virtual World

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“Don’t forget what you stand for”

Before we dive in, I have an exciting announcement! I have a new course coming up called Capitalize with Live: How to Create Your Own Wave. We cover how to create your own show, how to get people to show up and how to get over your in-front of the camera fears and so much more! Let me know if you’re interested! 

I’ve talked a bit about some of the things I’ve done to get over my fear of being on camera. One of the things I’ve done is to attend Toastmasters.  Toastmasters is a group that allows you to practice your public speaking skills and get comfortable on camera. So you can go out in the world and hone those skills. 

I’ve been doing Toastmasters for a year and a half now. It’s a group I really love and build community with. 

The funny story is last night, I gave a speech on the power of the unconscious mind, which aligns with the NLP certification that I recently earned. After you give your speech, they give feedback both good and bad. Ironically, the feedback was that they likened me to a talk show host!!! 

For the first time, I have two guests this week! Both of my guests are experts in marketing and branding and they are going to share with us how to bring the human side to our marketing and branding. Bryan and Courtney Kramer are the founders of the H2H movement. That’s Human to Human connection. 

Bryan’s been in the marketing and advertising industry for over 25 years. From agency work to building websites (even coding!), and all manners of branding and marketing in between, all of which lead to his excitement about social media. Eventually, about five or six years ago H2H was born in a presentation prepared by both him and Courtney. 

One screen that changed everything, “There’s no B2B, there’s no B2C, there’s only H2H, Human to Human” That presentation slide stopped everyone in their tracks! 

The picture of Bryan with that screen got 120 million impressions in 24 hours! So for the next four days, Courtney and Bryan pulled together everything that had been written about for the past two years and answered the questions people were asking. Mainly, What does this (H2H) mean? 

In four days, Bryan and Courtney wrote this H2H manifest, which became a bestseller! That led to Bryan and Courtney traveling the world and getting on stage sometimes 175 days a year. Then that led to a TED talk and that led to Bryan’s second book Shareology. They were able to work with companies like Netflix and Mastercard as a small yet mighty marketing agency.

Courtney says, “It only took 18 years to be an overnight success!” 

They never gave up because they really believed in what they were doing. Just don’t give up!

The book came to be because Bryan had been blogging about it for 2 years. Courtney’s advice: “Don’t waste your content! Reuse it! Repurpose it!” 

But after all that, when they worked with enterprise clients that have the power to change their billing terms on them, that served as an opportunity to crush a small business like theirs. 

After 18 years, they made the tough decision to shut down their business, finish out their existing contracts with their enterprise clients and make a huge shift. 

Leading up to this, as Bryan was traveling around the world outwardly living the “life.” It actually became physically unhealthy. He was gaining weight and not feeling well. They were looking for a different path in their lives. 

So they committed to downsizing the agency. Bryan was really committed to becoming a coach. He wanted to move toward leadership and away from marketing and social media. 

After 2016, Courtney took the reins in starting to work with smaller clients in their agency while Bryan took a year off to get his health back. 

As destiny prescribes, if you are listening, it will pull you to the things you are meant to be doing, which was coaching. 

In early 2017, Courtney started working with the Coactive Training Institute, the world’s largest experiential development and coach training company. They hired Courtney to help with their new positioning. In doing so, Courtney stayed for four years! She became the Global Head of Marketing. It was unexpected. But she went with the flow and said it was one of the most transformational experiences of her life. 

Both her and Bryan got to go through their intensive 10-month leadership program. Bryan took their coach training program. Courtney just finished her very first coach training. The leadership and coaching bug bit them both! 

Now because they were able to pivot, they get to do exactly what they love doing! They call themselves more Coach-sultants than coaches. They are living their best life right now as coaches. Both feel improving performance and being coachable is about mindset. 

They both believe you can’t get to the top of your mountain without the mindset piece so that is their focus. 

What made a huge difference for Courtney was learning how to become aware of when she goes into a victim mindset. We all do it. And it can be easy to do. 

Especially right now during the pandemic. We get to choose how we are being in this moment. Having that tool of recognizing when she’s going into a victim mindset and then being able to recover from it. Thinking, “I’m resourceful and super creative! How can I make this work for me?” Then taking steps to do it. 

Taking responsibility for your world is a huge life skill that is not inherent in us. We have to be taught that. 

Just be real. It’s okay to be in that victim place. But also be committed to recovering. Ask for help. 

With H2H, they are bringing people together letting people know they are not alone in this. 

Bryan says, “If I only had $5 left in my pocket, the first thing I would do is join a community of people of like minds who stand for what you stand for. Or build one. It’s free to do. It’s a basic human connection. It’s something you can do in any area, in any niche, in any kind of business, any kind of hobby, any kind of passion, anything you want. When you do that, you are not just connecting yourself and others but you are also helping others connect to each other. That’s more powerful than any kind of advertising or anything you can do in marketing. It’s the superpower of all businesses. When you do it for actual connection, the power of what it can do is just massive.” 

So how can someone start their own community? Go to H2Hhub.com, which will take you to Bryan and Courtney’s community. Don’t forget that a community is just two or more people. It’s just a couple of people getting together having a conversation. It can be as simple as a few people that want to gather around a common interest or goal in a Facebook group. It’s quality over quantity. 

Don’t forget the essence of what a community is: Don’t forget what you stand for. That’s the most important thing. You have to identify what that thing is. 

Bryan and Courtney are all about intimacy in community, which means actually having conversations with people. Take interest in each person in the community. Look at the people who aren’t engaging and call them forth. Ask them how they are doing? Because everybody wants to be a part of something. We all want to be invited into something. You have to actually take an interest in them. That’s H2H. That’s being a good host and a good steward of connection.

Bryan left us with the 3 pillars of H2H:




It’s about embracing all three. And when you embrace all three you are becoming your most human self and so is your brand. 

Connect here with Bryan and the larger H2H community! Also, if you are a coach looking for a little more marketing support come join my private Facebook group, the Consistent Content Club! Amy also has another group that goes even deeper. If you’re interested in the new Tidepool group, set up a time to chat with Amy directly! 

If you want to talk more about humanizing your business or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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