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“Question your answers.” -Betsy Clark

Do you ever have negative voices shouting inside your head? 

Voices that are telling you you’re not good enough? That having what you want is impossible? 

Our guest this week on Coaches Go Social, mindset coach, Betsy Clark gives those voices a name. 

She calls them mind monkeys! 

I think that is a perfect way to describe these voices of self-doubt. We need to stop feeding them bananas! 

I love this because this is just how Betsy operates. She relays playful and powerful stories and metaphors that just make sense. 

The concept of mind monkeys came from an experience Betsy had 20 years ago in Mozambique. After being instructed not to leave their doors and windows open in their rooms, Betsy’s room neighbors came back from their trip to the game park to discover monkeys came through their opened windows and terrorized their room. 

Monkey poo was everywhere! Everything was upended and a mess! 

When we leave the windows and doors open in our minds, we give easy access to those pesky mindset monkeys. We have the power and control to keep them out and make a shift. 

Betsy asks, “How are we minding our mind?” 

This question leads to Betsy’s # 1 Top Tip she wants all entrepreneurial women to take away: 


Easier said than done, right?!?

How do we do this? 

Betsy says to ask yourself this very important question: What evidence do I have that this (thought or way of thinking) is true? 

With questions like these, Betsy shines a light on her client’s blind spots and their brilliance by providing the evidence to question their thinking. 

She equates mindset shifts to looking through a kaleidoscope. You look through it initially and see one picture. You shift the bottom a quarter turn to the right or left, and now you’ve got yourself a completely different picture. You can’t go back to the original. 

Same with mindset shifts. Once a mindset changes, once you’ve had a shift, you can’t go back. 


Betsy left us with some really great questions to ponder as we learn to deal with our own mindset monkeys…

What if, as women, we show up the right size in life? Not too small. Not too big.

What if we start questioning our conditing instead of ‘shoulding’ all over ourselves? 

What if we believe we don’t need to be fixed? 

What if we own our stuff and start emphasizing the right stuff? 

What if we get rid of the word perfection and instead strive for excellence? 

Great questions to noodle on this week or longer! 

Betsy is offering a free accountability journal on her website so you can keep the momentum going in your life and business. Also, there’s a place on her website where you can have her send you one of her Grace Cards. You can also connect with Betsy on Facebook and Linkedin.  

If you didn’t catch this week’s Coaches Go Social Live episode, check out the video above!

If you want to talk more about mind monkeys or anything mindset related or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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