Coaches Go Social: How to Make Memorable Live Videos

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“Energy is Everything!”

This week we continue our theme of diving into Live Video! 

Two weeks ago, I had Stephanie Liu on and she taught us how to promote a Live show, and how to get everyone to show up excited!

This week, my super fun guest, Tim Sohn, founder of Sohn’s Social Media Solutions will give helpful (and fun) tips and tricks to make Live Videos memorable! 

After providing 7 years of social media services to small businesses in northeastern Pennsylvania, 2 years ago, Tim was inspired by his friend Jim’s appearance on a Live show called Marketing and Merlot. 

And The Tim & Jim Show was born! 

Not only that, but also Tim (and me too!) kept advising our clients to use and strategize with Live Video to help their businesses, but we weren’t doing it ourselves! 

We had to start practicing what we preached! 

“I started to do it, and it changed my business,” Tim says. 

Okay. First, let’s talk about strategy! 

Strategy starts with a little business self-reflection. 

Tim suggests a place to start is to ask yourself a few questions: 

-Why are you doing your Live show in the first place?

-Do you want to connect more with other people?

-Do you want to make an impact?

-Are you using it to fill a program?

-Do you want to build your email list?

“It is SO important to know why you want to do your show in the first place.” 

For example, Tim and his other co-collaborator, Brian have two really fun shows that are bringing humor (much needed right now!) to their audience. 

On Wednesday, they do a show called, What’s Good Wednesday – People share what’s good in their world or in the world. They started doing social-disDANCING with DJ Bri Bri. 

Then on Saturday, it’s Shout Out Saturday – People give shout outs to people in their lives. There is also more social-disDANCING. 

So yeah. Plan topics and shows that you are passionate/care about. 

“Energy is Everything.” 

You want your audience to feel your energy! 

So how does Tim bring the energy?!

He credits his standing desk converter and taking a shower before his shows! Do what works for you! 

How does Tim bring the fun to more people?!

He has a few tricks up his sleeve…

Fun Tool #1Snap Camera

This tool allows Tim to pick from all kinds of crazy filters. Everything from hot dogs to pickles!!! This tool has made his shows uplifting and oh SO FUN! 

Again, much needed right now! 

Fun Tool #2StreamYard

This live streaming tool allows Tim (I use it too!) to post Live shows on multiple platforms for maximum reach. 

“Wherever you are engaging most should be where your audience is.” 

Right now, for Tim, that’s Linkedin. But that could change as he uses StreamYard to post in 8 different places. 

I think my biggest takeaway from interviewing Tim is the importance of really knowing the vibe of your show. What’s your brand gonna be?! How will you make an impact?! 

Tim and Brian are launching a program in August on this very topic: How to create memorable Live Video shows. Check it out if you want to dive even deeper! 

Also, tune in this Friday, July 31st for a bonus Coaches Go Social show! 

So many exciting things!

If you want to start or make your live video more memorable, you can connect with Tim on his Facebook page

If you want to talk even more about Live video or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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