Coaches Go Social: How to Create Meaningful Messaging

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“You want to write content not just to get noticed, but to be remembered.” 

Are you creating more messages on social media platforms? 

Are you sending more emails and newsletters? 

Are you trying to create so much more content right now? 

I know I am! 

But you have to stop for a second to figure out what your message is. What is your goal with your content? 

You want the right kind of content that resonates with your audience. 

Or as Keasha Lee Ince, content strategist and messaging coach would say, “You want to write content not just to get noticed, but to be remembered.” 

This week on Coaches Go Social, Keasha shares with me three ways to express what’s on your heart through meaningful messaging. 

Keasha shared with us so many valuable nuggets this week! 

Before you get to your meaningful messaging, she says you first and foremost must understand what it is you stand for. (Here’s her ‘I Stand’ Document to help you get started). What it is you value? She asks: How does what you value and what you are giving impact your audience? 

She says it’s really important to know who you are. And have a good intention behind it because people can feel the truth. It comes down to that intention of the how and the why of what you are doing. 

Keasha says once you have a good sense of the how and the why, you can start letting the messaging flow. She suggests starting with taglines. Taglines should be savvy and reflective of what you do. 

To her, taglines are like sound bites –verbiage to lean on to enforce your message. For example, Keasha’s tagline: Everyone has a statement to make. Yours should be striking. 

It’s an attention grabber that wraps back to what you do and why it matters. Essentially, taglines should be short, sweet and impactful. 

This is a time where a lot of people are in flux. A lot of rebranding is happening. Keasha says that’s okay! You should constantly be revisiting your message to make sure it is aligned with who you are. Otherwise, not being aligned blocks prosperity. 

Right now, people feel hesitant about stepping into a new and bolder place with their messaging.

Here are Keasha’s 3 tips to get out of your own way and let things flow: 

1 You must create calm and ease in your headspace. 

Keasha suggests meditation. But if you can’t sit still, find an activity that creates the same sense of calmness. Like gardening, coloring, journaling or dancing–whatever makes you feel good. Lean into it because that’s where inspiration comes from. When you feel at ease, you make space for inspired thought. 

2 Free write. Let it flow. 

Write or use a voice memo to get everything out. Let the ideas flow. Write or dictate without editing or censorship. Once everything is out of your head then you can go back and organize and edit. 

3 Set an intention before you hit publish. 

Put some LOVE behind it. You are putting out energy. Keep that in mind before you hit publish. 

Keasha believes there is a connection between messaging and manifestation. She also shared 3 simple manifesting tips: 

1 Conceive it – create a vision for what you want

2 Believe it – have faith and trust that it is going to be yours

3 Receive it – be open to to getting what you envisioned

Keasha says, be mindful of where your mind goes when manifesting. We manifest all of the time. It’s a matter of where your belief is. Where your focus is. And of course, manifesting must be backed by aligned action. 

It starts with you. You have to be willing to go a bit bigger. To go to that place where you have not yet been. 

Are you ready? 

I know I am!  

If you want to talk even more about messaging and manifesting or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

Join me on Coaches Go Social this Friday for my interview with Ann Handley from Marketing Pros!

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