Coaches Go Social: How to Captivate on Command With Live Video

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“Just get freakin excited about your show!”

This month on Coaches Go Social we are talking all about Live video! 

I am so excited to share with you my guest this week! 

CEO of Lights, Camera, Live and NLP Master Trainer, Stephanie Liu! 

She shared with me so many live video tips, tricks and ways to get over your fears of going live. 

First and foremost, Stephanie says you have to be an excited host! Even before your show starts, just be freakin’ excited about your show!!!

She said to start with an NLP technique she learned from Dr. Bernice McCarthy called the 4Mat System. It starts with the questions: Why, What, How and What if? 

-Why should your audience tune in? 

-What is your show about?

-How does your show impact their lives?

-If they don’t show up, what are they going to miss? 

If you get excited about answering these questions and if you and your guest are excited than the audience will show up for their seat in the front row and be excited with you! 

But even before your show goes live, you might have a fear of starting at all. 

I’ve definitely been there! But here I am six months into my Coaches Go Social show! 

To beat the fear, Stephanie suggests: 

1. Practice, Practice, Practice! Set up a private Facebook Group just to practice in. This way you can see your progress over time. 

2. Practice with someone who will give you a good mix of feedback. The good stuff and the stuff that you need to do to make your Live show AMAZING! 

3. Get into state – get into an emotional state where you feel the most confident. Your authenticity will shine through. 

4. Practice as much as you can and fail as much as you can. You want to fail forward before you go live. 

“You want to make mistakes during your practice sessions. So you can think on the fly and ask: how do I fix that? If a mistake happens in your practice run then at least you’ll know how to pivot if it happens live.” 

5 Be picky about how your practice partner is. You want someone who is going to lift you up and inspire you to be better! 

And, of course, Stephanie’s NLP training really helped her get over her own fear of being on camera.

She uses a very basic anchoring technique. 

“Whenever I need to feel confident, I push on my knuckle (my anchor) because all of my favorite memories of when I feel most confident are there. When I sealed the deal. When I was brilliant in the board room. When I killed it on stage. I push that knuckle and it reminds me of my confidence.” 

And second, NLP taught her how to tell a story. How to captivate an audience. Stephanie loves to study psychology and neuroscience and how that plays into speaking and being on camera. That’s how she spends most of her screen time these days since hanging out on social media doesn’t always feel good. She always loves helping people out with Live video through NLP techniques or giving technical recommendations! 

If you want to start or make your live video better, you can connect with Stephanie through her website: https://www.lightscameralive.com/

If you want to talk even more about live video or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat!

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