Coaches Go Social: How to Build Your Business By Investing in Relationships

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“Go out CARE your competition!”

I have a special treat for you this week! My guest is a rockstar Mom and a rockstar business owner!

She’s owned her marketing agency for over 10 years now. 

I’ve invited relationship marketing Jessika (Phillips) to the show! That’s how you can find her on Instagram. She practices what she preaches, and she is genuine to her core! I’m so excited to share her wisdom! 

She is going to share her CARE model approach. It will help you apply relationship marketing techniques to help grow your business. You will turn your followers into fans, turn your clients into advocates and your team members into evangelists as well as your community into collaborators! 

Who doesn’t want that?!?

Jessika lives in a tiny town called Lima, OH. It’s over 2 hours away from any major airport, yet the social media event, Social Media Week Lima,  she holds attracts over 400 people from around the country. That is a true testament to how Jessika practices what she preaches! 

People can get confused as to what relationship marketing really is. People think it is some kinda new technique or something way harder than it really is. 

“After I talk about what it really is, people realize it’s something we’ve already known.” 

What Jessika means by relationship marketing is the art of making intentional connections with those you care about and those you want to stick with you for the long term. 

It’s like being a magnet with what you’re doing with your marketing versus being a bullhorn. 

It’s something that has to start from the inside out. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re working to grow your personal brand or your business. It doesn’t matter what niche of a business you are. Sometimes we over-complicate these things and lose sight of the stuff that truly matters. The stuff that’s going to make the biggest long term sustainable growth impact on our brands. 

Jessika’s personal mission is to really help inspire others to love more, give more and be more. Because that’s what’s going to create this ripple effect in all of our businesses. 

The only way to start growing your business to ensure leads are always coming in is to create a foundation that starts from the inside out. That foundation is going to start with the relationships that have our back and people that are loyal to us. It’s rethinking the sales funnel. 

If you can pause for a moment and really think about how you are really getting leads and sales and engagement on social and ask where is that thing that’s really going to make a difference when it comes to getting leads? 

What is really moving the needle? 

What is it that not only makes me feel good but also is this reward for the growth of my business? 

When you ask these questions, you start to uncover many layers. 

It’s how you show up, not in what you do, but in how you do it. It truly isn’t about what you do. What makes someone choose you and your services over going to the next person? 

Some of it’s visibility. Some of it’s how you communicate. It’s not what you are doing, it’s how you are doing it that’s going to make the difference when someone chooses you. 

90% of buying decisions start online. People are doing research and comparing what you are doing to what others are putting out there. 

They are paying attention to the vibe you are giving off and what other people are saying about you. People take what others are saying about you into consideration even before they even talk to you in person. 60% of buyers’ journeys are over even before actually speaking to a person. 

All of this is happening without us, the business owner/brand, even knowing that it is happening. 

That’s why you need to out CARE the competition. That’s going to lead to not only attracting the right people you want to work with, but also that lets you leave people better off than when they first came around. Those people are going to be sharing their experiences they are having with your brand in a way that’s going to inspire others to want to check you out. 

Before you do anything in terms of marketing, it’s not about what you’re doing, again, it is how you are doing it. 

So you have to stop and pause and think, ‘where are you at today?’ The only way to create long term sustainable growth is if you start from the inside out. Do this before you get to the action steps of actually creating content and posting it, which will come naturally for you after you think about how you will out CARE the competition.

CARE is Jessika’s approach to relationship marketing. It means: 

Capturing Attention

Articulating your message

Relationships for repeat referral business 

Exceptional experiences

But you have to take that moment first and get real with your business. When you really inspect the inside, you have to take a pause for just a minute, look and see and do a gut check and ask: 

“Who are you, first?” 

“What is it that you are really here to do?”

When you start asking those questions, you start putting meaning into your business. 

It’s like having a brand manifesto. It’s saying to the world, “Here’s what I’m really here to do! This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Knowing that I’m fulfilling this purpose and this goal.  It is not just about selling something.”

Start with that manifesto first. 

Relationship marketing is a commitment. Once you know who you are to your core, you have to identify who you want to attract. Who are your magnets? 

There’s enough business out there for everyone! But you have to make sure you are aligning with your right tribe of people. It does start with identifying who you are selling to. You have to learn what they care about. What they are listening to. What they are reading. Where they are hanging out. 

When you know that, it is easy for you to show up using your authentic voice. It will match the authentic voice of your ideal audience. And you can then hire your team based on that voice because they are showing up to care as well and they can connect in a meaningful way. 

Once you get that core right, show up with consistency, conviction and clarity every single time. Show up online in a tone of voice that is conversational.  Don’t think of social media marketing as just a means of selling. Don’t think ‘I’m trying to get people to buy from me,’ think instead, ‘ I’m trying to get people to belong with me.’

When you do that, the content will be in the right tone and for the right people. The rest will have a ripple effect to grow your brand. 

So start with the inside out. Look at your channels and how you are showing up. Get clear with your messaging and show up to serve. Then look at who your existing customers are and who’s already bought into your brand/business. How can you serve them better? Those are the people who are going to refer you out. They are the ones who are going to grow your brand message. Show up for them first. 

Serve before sales! 

This is the year of CARING. Go out CARE your competition! 

Connect with Jesskia here! Also, if you are a coach looking for a little more marketing support come join my private Facebook group, the Consistent Content Club! Amy also has another group that goes even deeper. If you’re interested in the new Tidepool group, set up a time to chat with Amy directly! 

If you want to talk more about relationship marketing or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

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