Coaches Go Social: Empower Yourself Through Self-trust and Clarity

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“Take action! Nothing changes if you don’t take action!”

February is all about love, and this month has been all about self-love and self-trust on Coaches Go Social.

To continue the love theme, this week, I had Catherine Dietz on the show. She is the founder of A Healthy Path to Love. This week, she helped us start to figure out how to empower ourselves with self-trust and clarity.  This is super important when we are in relationships or when we’re not in relationships too. It boils down to: How do we get the courage and clarity to really go after what we want in our lives?

Catherine uses her personal and professional experiences to coach women on how to release their fear of making a mistake or being alone. 

Catherine talked about the ABC’s of moving forward. 

Before Catherine dove into the ABC’s she shared a little more about her background. She was in a long-term legal assistant position for many years. She decided she wanted to do something different. She took a detour into the medical field and that led her to start healing people from the inside instead of healing them from the outside. She learned all about Louise Hays and self-love and empowerment. She started to do some healing touch energy work, and that path just kept leading her to empower herself and, in turn, empowering others. 

She started her own business in 2012, and it evolved into helping women make that decision of “Should I stay or should I go?”  So much of her work always comes back to self-love. 

Here’s how Catherine’s process works…

In an effort to be proactive in your relationship before you get to that point of should you stay or should you go, Catherine suggested making each other a priority first and foremost. And absolutely make sure you are making yourself a priority. It’s important that you are staying connected with who you are and what matters to you. 

Sometimes you even have to schedule time, at least once a week, to sit down with your partner and engage with each other to make sure everything is going okay. To really make each other a priority. Just that can change so much. It’s so important to remind them you appreciate them (and yourself) in the process, even if you think they know how you feel. Don’t get too comfortable. Remind them that you love and appreciate them! 

Then when there is a disconnect, it’s important to address it early on instead of letting it get worse. The bigger the gap gets the more difficult it is to bring it back together. 

If you have gotten to that point of should you stay or should you go, the first step is to be aware and acknowledge that there is a disconnect. This doesn’t always have to be just about romantic relationships. This can apply to a house you live in, a job, anything really. But awareness and acknowledgment is the first step. 

Tap into how you are feeling about the current situation. Are you thinking, “This doesn’t feel right to me? I don’t feel healthy here.” 

And it’s also important to accept that there is a disconnect. Oftentimes, we can lean toward denial and stuffing things down. Acceptance doesn’t mean you’re okay with it. It’s more thinking, “There’s a disconnect here. I accept that this is happening. I need to do something about it.”

There is a moment where we have to trust ourselves. It’s challenging when your head is saying one thing and your heart is saying something else. So you have to deal with the disconnect within yourself. 

What you need to start to do is really tapping into what your emotions are telling you. So many of us let our heads dominate the conversations or other people telling us what we should or shouldn’t do. But it is our soul that guides us. It’s our own emotions that let us know when something doesn’t feel right. 

It’s important to really start to tap into that wisdom and get quiet and tap into that inner power through meditation or your spiritual practice, whatever that may be. We already have an inner guidance system that already knows the answers to all of our questions and problems. Getting quiet and listening to that helps us trust ourselves and not listening to all the outside voices telling us what to do based on their experiences. Trusting that we have the answers within makes us feel more empowered. It makes us feel more confident. 

It’s equally important to believe in yourself and love yourself through this process. Because if you’re beating yourself up all the time, you’re not going to trust yourself. Or if you’re beating yourself up for past mistakes you haven’t forgiven yourself for, you’re not going to trust yourself. We have to learn to love, forgive and accept all parts of ourselves even when we know we need to make changes. 

It’s okay. We know we need to make changes. We can still accept ourselves in the process of making changes. 

The next step is bravery. Bravery is accepting responsibility for being in this space of disconnect. You know there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be, and you know something needs to change. We all know what that change is. Bravery is facing what needs to change. Is it better communication with your partner? Is it about being real about your feelings that you were too afraid to be real about before? Is it you learning to express your feelings in a healthy way instead of lashing out? 

What is the biggest component of the disconnect between you and your partner or whatever situation you’re in? And then having the bravery to face that instead of running away from it. 

At that point, you ask, “What can I learn from this?” When we get uncomfortable about situations that’s when we really learn about ourselves. The program we already have up in our heads tries to jump in and fix things, but that program might not be up-to-date with what we are going through. That’s when we get really uncomfortable and are unsure of the answers and next steps. 

It’s okay. Be brave. Face what it is. The answers will come. 

And the final step is a conscious choice. So now that you are aware of the disconnect and you are being brave about what needs to change, now you have to make a conscious choice about how you’re going to go about making that change. 

Depending on what you became aware of that needs to change, there could be multiple things, you have to make a conscious choice and ask yourself: Does this feel like the right choice for me or am I doing this out of fear? Are you making the choice because someone else is telling you to make it? Or are you making this choice because your intuition is nudging you to make it? The more you will start listening to that voice, the more you will trust it and the more conscious you can be about your choices. 

Nothing is going to change until you take action. You can ruminate and talk about it all you want, but it’s not going to change unless you take the action to change it. 

In a relationship, the other person might need to make changes too, but initially, the focus is on you. Initially, you have to acknowledge your role in the relationship, accept responsibility for how you’ve been showing up, and now you are committing to showing up differently. Then you communicate to your partner what needs to change and how you got to this point. 

If we blame the other person all the time, we are giving all of our power away. You need to take responsibility for what you can change first. Then see where that leads you. 

Catherine helps people release the fear of being alone also. That is a very common thing when women come to her. They want to make sure they are making the right choice. They can get stuck and stick with the situation because they know what to expect. It can be a kind of paralysis. We all go through this. We don’t know what to do. We feel confused, and we don’t feel empowered. Of course, we feel stuck. We just don’t know where to go. 

But we find a way to help ourselves. Sometimes we do need support and guidance from somebody else. Sometimes we can do it on our own by reading a book or whatever it may be, but you absolutely have to take action. Or you’ll end up in what Catherine calls the spin cycle of frustration. 

Has this resonated with you? If so, Catherine has a guide available called 8 Days Of Inspired Action. It’s a little appetizer of Catherine’s larger program she helps women through to help them find their answer to should you stay or should you go? You just sign up for it! It’s free, and you’ll get an email every day for 8 days that uses insights and gives you guidance. 

Every day there is an exercise and an action to take so you’ll start to get a little more clarity. Just that little bit of clarity can sometimes make the biggest difference. You’ll start feeling relief and you’ll build momentum from there! 

Finally, Catherine can’t stress enough the importance of taking action! Nothing changes if you don’t! And love yourself! Having a loving healthy relationship with yourself will lead to clarity and full trust in yourself.

Stay tuned next month on Coaches Go Social! It’s all about getting and staying organized! Get ready for some spring cleaning in all areas of your life! 

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