Coaches Go Social: Brand Brilliantly – How to Be Unapologetically You

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“Without the quirks, we are all basically the same. However, what distinguishes you in the marketplace is your 1%, which is your personality style. It’s who you are, your interests, and what makes you quirky.”


If you own a business and you are doing the branding work, but you’re struggling to put your personality and yourself into your brand this for you! 

My guest Ann Bennett of Renegade Marketing shared with us how we can put more of ourselves into our business.

During our conversation, Ann shared her secrets to tap into your Brand Voice and how to discover your Renegade Brand Archetype and the power to use it. She focused on helping us understand who we are, what we stand for and our personality type and addressed the importance of integrating it into a brand. 

First Ann defined what a brand means to her.

A brand is what people are left with after you leave the room. 

Branding is more than just a logo and a tagline and some colors and wardrobe. That’s all supportive material. 

The brand itself is really the voice of the owner, the vib and the messaging. It’s the clarity of the services offered, the simplicity of the client transformations. This is all in an effort for your ideal clients to instantly and undeniably know they need your services. 

And with your brand, you have to have a hook: 

Our competition is not each other. Our competition is distraction and procrastination. So how do we motivate somebody off the procrastination wheel to actually take action? And how do we even catch attention? 

It’s a hook. It’s something that you say that interrupts what people are thinking about, which is usually themselves.

Ann says we start with our brand voice. 

To develop your voice, start off asking yourself two important questions: What pisses you off and what breaks your heart? When you figure it out, jot it down. You can go back and tweak it and develop it later.

The second thing to think about is what did your parents tell you never to do? 

So for a lot of us, our parents wanted us to behave. We’ve been trained our entire lives, men and women, to act a certain way, be a certain way, show up a certain way. Start to break that down. Whatever your voice becomes you want your language to reflect that consistently across platforms.

We worry, though, about what to share? What to say? How will I look to my audience?

First, we are all conditioned to look good. Instead, let’s consider your value and the value you bring to your ideal clients.

Your brand should reflect just how quirky you are. Talk about what makes you, you. Legos, sci-fi, whatever it is, own it because that’s who we want to connect with. The genuine, authentic, quirky you. 

Without the quirks, we are all basically the same. However, what distinguishes you in the marketplace is your 1%, which is your personality style. It’s who you are, your interests, and what makes you quirky.

All of this takes a great deal of courage. As soon as you start to move towards your own authentic personality people will start to notice you. They will start to pay attention. Without your quiks, without your authentic voice, you are just like everybody else.

Ann says, it actually really is all about you!

Everybody says it’s about ‘them.’ But It’s actually about you. The more micro you can get in your stories and your personality and what you bring to the table, the more universal it becomes. When you share specific stories about you, people will put themselves right there too. They will relate. When you are too broad, it’s not as interesting, and people have a harder time relating. 

To get us started, Ann shares the four brand archetypes she developed. 

The four archetypes are the nurturer, the disruptor, the innovator and the geek. We all fall into these four categories. Although you can possess characteristics of multiple archetypes, each person has one lead archetype.

The Geek is someone who likes charting the course, using spreadsheets and is extremely organized. They get things done. They are reliable. 

There’s the Nurturer. Oprah is definitely a nurturer. She’s loving and accepting and spiritual. A lot of healers fall into this type. 

Then you have the Disruptor. This is someone like Madonna and Lady Gaga. A lot of entrepreneurs are disruptors. They want to change things. They want to change the status quo. 

Then you have the Innovator. The innovator is someone like Steve Jobs or Sara Blakely. It’s somebody who really sells us on their values and their ideas. They’re putting things together that have never been put together before.

So where do we start?

You start where you are. Look at Madonna. She started as a nobody. A zero. She got herself on the stage. She got herself seen, and she got herself where she could magnetize people.

Have a very clear message. Have a very clear brand. Have a very clear voice.

Wow! All that goodness from Ann this week! 

If you’d like to connect with Ann, here is her website.  Here she is on Facebook. And LinkedIn.

And if you’d like to chat more about bringing yourself into your brand or if you just want some positivity, I’d love to connect


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