Coaches Go Social: Become Confident on Camera

Coaches Go Social Jamie Hayen

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“Ask yourself: Are your on-camera fears real or exaggerated?”

Would you rather clean your house top to bottom than press record on a FaceBook LIVE video to connect with your audience? 

I’ve been there! 

Over 50% of people surveyed by Hubspot want to see the businesses they follow on video, not to mention, a video might be the best way to connect with your audience right now, it might be time to challenge any on-camera fears you have. 

I know first hand that mindset around getting on camera can be changed! 

So does my guest on Coaches Go Social this week, Jamie Hayen. 

Jamie is The Presenter Mentor, and she is dedicated to getting rid of the voices in your head telling you you can’t go LIVE while helping you show up great on camera. 

She starts by helping clients confront their “what ifs.” 

“What if I mess up?” 

“What if I say something wrong?” 

“What if I say a curse word?”

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too! 

Jamie has a few great tips to quiet the “what ifs” in your head. 

First, it’s worth mentioning the power in naming your “what ifs.” Once you do that you can do something about them! 

A few of Jamie’s tricks: 

Swat that “what if” away – physically swat (like a gnat!) the “what if” away.

Flip it to positive – rewrite the narrative in your head to positive. Create a positive mantra. 

Action plan it – if your “what if” is, “What if I’m not ready,” for example, take specific action steps to stop that “what if” in its tracks! 

Remember, life happens on LIVE videos. There will be hiccups. That is okay! 

Handling the hiccups means rolling with it. Use a little improv, bring in the disruptions, and make it apart of the story. Just don’t let it completely derail you. 

Keep in mind: People want to learn from you! They are not there to judge you. It’s a relief to know you make mistakes too. We all do! We’re human! Don’t forget that! 

Sometimes nerves manifest themselves in your physical body as well. 

Jamie has tips for that too! 

She says to pinpoint your body’s physical response. Do your hands shake? Do your legs feel wobbly? 

Literally shake it out. Clenching and unclenching shaking hands or moving wobbly legs will release some of that adrenaline you feel and calm you down. 

You can always come back to your breath. Taking a few deep calming breaths always helps! 

If you want to learn more about managing your nerves check out Jamie’s mini-course inside of her FaceBook group.  

If you want to watch the entire Coaches Go Social interview, check it out above.  

If you want to talk more about getting camera-ready or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

Join me on Coaches Go Social next month to learn how you can amp up your writing skills to help your business!

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