Coaches Go Social: How To Reach Your Goals Using Hypnosis

“Hypnosis really let’s you get past the objections that you have running in your subconscious that sabotage you getting to your outcome.” Keeping up with the theme of Mental Health Awareness month, we continue to talk about how we can improve our mindset.  There are so many ways to keep your mindset positive and strong, […]

Coaches Go Social: Micro-Dose Mindful Moments to Spark Joy

Coaches Go Social: Micro-Dose Mindful Moments to Spark Joy

“Joy is just energy” I doubled the fun this week with two guests on Coaches Go Social!  If you didn’t already know, May is Mental Health Awareness month. So I wanted to bring guests on the show to share their expertise in how to navigate these difficult times.  My two amazing guests this week are […]

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Business Page Reach

Did you start posting on your personal Facebook Profile because your Facebook Business Page isn’t getting the attention you think it should? If you have more friends on your Personal Facebook Profile than followers on your Facebook Business page, you should post your business-related posts on your personal page, right?  No…… People are accepting friend […]

Coaches Go Social: How to Enrich Your Life with More Love & Joy

“The way you build magnetism is by filling your cup and engaging in self-care.”  I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the ultimate journey in personal development. Relationships are a core part of that, right?!? The guest I have this week, Marie-Elizabeth Mali, a relationship alchemist, is going to share with us how to enrich your […]

Coaches Go Social: How to Focus On What Matters Most

“But we think selling is about getting. It’s not. It’s about giving.”  I’m so excited for my guest this week!  Winnie Anderson is a business coach and content strategist. She’s going to share all sorts of awesome information on how to focus on what matters most in your business.  As you all know, when you […]