5 Ways to Make Your Livestream Stand Out (StreamYard vs. Zoom)

Like you, I spend time scrolling through Facebook in my “spare time” watching funny video clips and checking in on my friends and colleagues, although when I come across a livestream video that looks like this….. …my scroll comes to a SCREEEEEEEEECHING HALT! (can you hear the tires and smell the burning rubber?!) And all […]

How to Use Stories to Cultivate Relationships with your Followers

“Stories are everywhere!” They are on Facebook, Instagram and they are on LinkedIn.  This week, I talked about how to use Stories to cultivate relationships with your followers. There is power in video and having that connection to your audience can help you grow your business. You can use further techniques (not just video, but […]

Coaches Go Social: How to Stand For a Cause With Your Brand

“No one can ever argue or refute your own personal experience.”  I’m super excited about our topic this week! We are talking about taking a stand for a cause in your business!  Is there a cause you are passionate about that you want to align with your business?  This week on Coaches Go Social we’ll […]