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Hi – I’m Amy! I help coaches broaden their impact and build relationships with potential clients on social media with consistency and purpose.

Five years ago, I decided to make my own destiny. I’d spent 15 years coaching teams in a face-paced retail environment and it was good, but with a family in tow it wasn’t what I wanted. I was determined to create a balance between time with my family and work.

After toiling away for two years, building a brand, studying to learn everything there was to know about social media and managing it all myself something hit me. I realized that having a business AND managing my social media profiles was a job too big for one person.

The idea for Capitalize Social Media was born. And now, because of that determination and focus I have developed a social media system proven to increase your visibility, build relationships with potential clients that catapults your business.

Finally….you don’t have to do it all yourself.

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