5 Ways to Make Your Livestream Stand Out (StreamYard vs. Zoom)

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Like you, I spend time scrolling through Facebook in my “spare time” watching funny video clips and checking in on my friends and colleagues, although when I come across a livestream video that looks like this…..

...my scroll comes to a SCREEEEEEEEECHING HALT! (can you hear the tires and smell the burning rubber?!) And all I can think of is "Zoom was made for video conferencing, not for livestreaming!

This, my friends, is what makes me cringe (names and faces have been hidden to protect the innocent). A Facebook live video streamed through Zoom!

I wish they knew about StreamYard.

If you are livestreaming through Zoom, first of all, let me congratulate you for getting yourself in front of the camera on social media, that is the first step, an achievement and you should be very proud of! 

I have a feeling you started livestreaming because you wanted to become more visible, be recognized as an expert in your field and make yourself known. Congratulations, friend, you are well on your way! 

Now let’s talk about how we can this livestream video STAND OUT on social media! 

Here are my top 5 ways using StreamYard

#1 Video Conference vs. Video Livestream

First, let’s discern the original intent of StreamYard and Zoom. StreamYard is a live video production tool in your browser. There is no software to download and you don’t need anything other than a computer with a mic and camera to get going” compared to Zoom that says, “Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done.” Although Zoom DOES provide the option to stream with their paid Pro plan, that is not what Zoom was built for. Alternatively, StreamYard was built for streaming, like you see here from a screen grab of a recent episode of my live show, Coaches Go Social.

Notice how a live comment is placed onto the screen during the show! See #4 for more info!

I’m a big fan of the beach so let me share an analogy with you.

Using Zoom for livestreaming is like building a sandcastle with a plastic spoon because you forgot your sand toys (That has actually happened to me before!). You CAN use the spoon instead of the shovel, it will do the trick, eventually, the experience and results will be quite different. (Since that incident, I haven’t forgotten the sand toys!).

#2 Customizable Look

Now you said you wanted your livestream to “stand out”, right? Then why use Zoom, when you can use StreamYard to create beautifully attractive and engaging “show sets”.



Now, Zoom is customizable to its original intent, video chat, NOT streaming which is exactly why you can upload your own custom background in Zoom.

Here is why have a customized look that stands out is so important. I have found is that 75% of live viewers to show up because of the promotional content you shared which got them excited about watching your show, the other 25% will show up because they happened to be scrolling on Facebook – give them a reason to stop!


If you’re thinking that this MUST be difficult to set up! It’s not!  Use Canva to create your own customized graphics. Hint: Create your graphic (1280 × 720 pixels) in Canva and upload your graphic as a “Background” when you have 1 or more guests in your livestream, use a transparent “Overlay” when you are streaming on your own. Again, make it easy on your scrollers to know the topic you are talking about and why they should join in! 

Sign up for your free Canva account here!



Side note: You will need to purchase the StreamYard Pro plan for $25/month to have the ability to customize the interface. And knowing what you know now, why wouldn’t you want to?!

Sign up for your free StreamYard account here!

#3 Ease of Use

When I started my live show, Coaches Go Social™ in January 2020, I wanted to find a platform that was EASY to use yet had the functionality that made for an engaging live show by being able to put comments on the screen, schedule the show in advance and easily invite guests onto the show without requiring them to download any additional software to their computer (Literally, it just one easy-to-create direct link to have them join you).

Every other streaming platform might have had a couple more features from a visual perspective or other things that necessitated a more advanced setup such as a DSLR camera or additional audio inputs, however, that wasn’t the vision I had for my show. My vision for my show is that it is engaging to viewers and provides value-packed content to support service-based entrepreneurs and life and business coaches which helps them get on the fast track to growing their business. And from a user perspective, it HAD to be easy and intuitive. No one wants to spend hours trying to figure out how one software program works, well I sure don’t.

My setup consists of a webcam and Airpods. You just can’t get that type of quality any simpler than that (unless you use wired headphones, which you can totally do. I happen to enjoy how Airpods are mostly hidden from sight yet still provide good audio quality.

#4 Interactive:

Since I wanted my show to be interactive. like a virtual party where I’m the host with guest, and everyone shows up to listen, learn and have fun, it was very important that my viewers would be able to interact with us (and should be VERY important to you if you want to start your own live show, also). Unlike Zoom, StreamYard provides the ability to take comments from live viewers and show them on the screen. (As pictured above)

I LOVE this feature because it allows our audience to get involved and be a part of the conversation.

(Side note: When streaming to a Facebook Group using Zoom, comments will not show user info unless they grant StreamYard access in advance).

What makes Facebook live so engaging, resulting in 6x more comments/likes/shares than any other content, is the fact that it’s just like a show on TV where you can actually be a part of it! The next time you find yourself scrolling, make sure to stop at a live video that you think looks interesting, make a comment by asking a question and engaging with the audience!

You never know, those livestreamers might mention you during the live video – and let’s hope they do! Last but not least, if you find that you would like to share your screen to raise up the level of interactivity, StreamYard lets you share your screen and send through audio as well!

So once you start your show, how do you get people to actually show up?

#5 Promote, Promote, Promote.

Luckily StreamYard makes it super easy to promote your Facebook live by allowing you to schedule your video 7 days in advance. The best thing about this feature is that it automatically creates a “reminder post” (pictured below) and after your audience clicks the “Get Reminder” button, they will be notified within Facebook when you go live. If you want to get really fancy, you can create a custom bit.ly link to this reminder (which I always do).

Or next, NEXT level, I’ve been testing out Eventable which allows you to take your link and gives the user the option to add the event to their calendar! (YES! Now we’re talking!) Of course, you cant’ rely on just one post to do the promotion of your show for you. You definitely need to create eye-grabbing, attention-getting graphics and videos to get your audience talking and encourage them to join you and invite their friends!





Here is a reminder post example from the incredibly insightful interview I did with Bryan & Courtney Kramer. If you are ready to get inspired, make sure to check out the replay here. 

With the customization, engagement and ease of use possibilities when using StreamYard versus Zoom, I’m sure you see how much more you could stand out by using StreamYard. And if you’re still not sure about StreamYard, find out for yourself how easy it is with my free trial referral code and you will receive $10 off your first month when you sign up for either of the paid StreamYard plans. 

To see Streamyard in action, check out all of the past episodes of my weekly live show “Coaches Go Social™ at coachesgosocial.com.

And last, but not least, if you’re the type that likes to compare apples to apples, below you will find the pricing for each platform. 

Zoom Pricing as of November 2020

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