3 Ways to Boost Engagement on Your Facebook Business Page

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Are you NOT getting a lot of engagement on your Facebook Business Page?!

Well, in this week’s LIVE video, I shared 3 ways to get an almost instant boost in engagement on your Facebook Business Page!

So why is your Facebook Business Page so important?

Well, 70% of adults use Facebook, and it is the 3rd most visited website of ALL websites! That’s crazy! 

That’s why it’s a great platform to connect with your audience and build a community around your brand. 

While Facebook has made it challenging for businesses to engage on FB because their goal is to have more people connecting with people instead of businesses, it doesn’t mean boosting your business page can’t be done! 

Before I get into my 3 tips, I wanted to give you an important overall reminder. Whichever platform you are on, BE CONSISTENT!!!

Okay. Now for my top 3 tips to boost engagement on your Facebook Business Page…

1 Post personal stories, photos, and videos on your business page.

People want to know the person behind your business. They want to know about you and your life so they feel comfortable doing business with you. Sharing something personal, say once a week, helps build trust! 

2 Engage! Engage! Engage!

Since in-person networking is pretty much done for the rest of 2020, social media is the place to be! Take the time you would’ve spent going to an in-person networking event to answer comments on your business page. 

Answer ALL the comments with thoughtful replies. Get the conversation started! Don’t forget to go to other people’s business pages to make comments too! Engagement is a two-way street! 

3 Create/post video content. Especially LIVE video! 

Again, people want to get to know you and your personality. They want to know they can trust you. Live videos get 6x more engagement than other content! So get over your LIVE video fear and get creating! 

A part of getting over that fear is having a plan and a strategy in place. Planning in advance and knowing what topics your videos will be about is hugely helpful! 

By planning in advance, your audience knows when to show up and what you’ll be talking about! 

To recap: 

1 Post something personal on your business page (maybe 1x a week).

2 Engage in comments (yours and others business pages).

3 Start creating LIVE video content (with a strategy behind it). 

If you want to dive deeper into Facebook or if Instagram is your platform of choice, join me next month for my new Group Coaching Programs! I’ll have one for Facebook and one for Instagram. I’m capping each group at 10 people so everyone gets the most value they can. 

If you want to watch the entire video on how to boost engagement on your FB business page, check it out above.  

If you want to talk even more about leveraging your engagement on your Facebook business page or if you just need some positivity right now, let’s set up a time to chat

Join me on Coaches Go Social next week for more ways to learn how you can amp up your writing skills to help your business! 

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